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Frank Baldassarre
Artisan Exchange


Frank J. Baldassarre, is an owner and principal in Artisan Exchange West Chester LLC. Artisan Exchange is a 30,000 sq. ft. food manufacturing, distribution and food service hub located in West Chester Pennsylvania. They host over 45 individual food companies. Frank brings over thirty (30) years of experience in the financial services sector, including executive level experience at a number of the regions’ banks. He possesses extensive managerial, lending, accounting and regulatory knowledge that has been instrumental in the success of Artisan Exchange and its member companies. His responsibilities include day to day operations of Artisan Exchange including all financial, accounting and operational activities.


Innovate Globally, Act Locally! Leveraging Local Innovation Partners

A popular environmental phrase encourages consumers to “Think Globally and Act Locally.” When it comes to the food and beverage industry landscape, there’s also world of untapped local resources available to large and small companies alike. Lou Cooperhouse is Co-Founder, President & CEO of BlueNalu Inc., a San Diego firm on technology’s cutting edge with cell-based seafood. Listen and learn as he describes fast-evolving food trends and technologies. Then he moderates an exclusive panel about the many resources surrounding Philadelphia. It features Dr. John L. Stanton, Chairman and Professor of Food Marketing, St. Joseph’s University; Nolan Lewin, Executive Director, Rutgers Food Innovation Center; and Frank Baldassarre, Principal for Philadelphia’s Artisan Exchange emerging companies network. Cooperhouse and panelists discuss the groups’ many capabilities and offerings that everyone—from start-up entrepreneurs to large company R&D heads—can resource.