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Chef Jessica Foust, RDN
VP of Culinary Innovation & Nutrition
The Food Group & Creative Food Solutions

Chef and Registered Dietitian Jessica Foust is the Vice President of Culinary Innovation & Nutrition for The Food Group & Creative Food Solutions. In this role, she provides creative culinary and nutrition leadership while working directly with culinary, agency associates and client services to invoke a food innovation culture at all levels of the organization. As lead for the Chicago culinary innovation center, she and her team provide research & development expertise to food companies of all sizes from concept to commercialization. Over the last 15+ years of her career in the foodservice industry, she has provided culinary and nutrition direction in restaurants, hotels, manufacturing, health care and spa settings across the country. Most recently, Chef Jess has led menu strategy and development as Culinary Director for Farmer’s Fridge, a rapidly growing startup working to redefine dining and convenience by increasing 24-hour access to fresh food. Prior to Farmer’s Fridge, she served as the Director of Culinary Innovation for McDonald’s USA where she led culinary development for menus across all 15,000 US restaurants.


Food for Thought: Connecting the Tastes + Trends from NPC Culinary Crawl

It’s one thing to enjoy a culinary tour of the town—but what are the take-away implications for next year’s innovation? Come get a deep dive with learnings from NPC’s Culinary Crawl event on Monday evening. Leading that tour were Jessica Foust, RDN, Creative Foods Solutions Vice President of Culinary Innovation & Nutrition; and Elizabeth Ervin, Account Director, The Food Group. In this 45-minute session, Foust and Ervin translate Dallas’ tastes into need-to-know, take-home action steps.