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Jordan Tepper
Apologue Liqueurs


Jordan Tepper is the co-founder of Apologue, a forward-thinking hospitality company – focused on the intersection of cocktails, community, and culture. Currently, Apologue offers three spirits brands under its umbrella - Apologue Spirited Liqueurs, a line of palate-provoking cocktail liqueurs, Big Star Cocktails, a line of spirit-based, ready-to-drink canned cocktails inspired by Chicago's iconic Big Star restaurant, and Sunday's Finest, a line of luxury bottled cocktails starting with the award-winning Gold Fashioned. Additionally, Jordan also works as an Investment Principal for Cleveland Avenue, a food, beverage, and lifestyle venture firm founded by Don Thompson, the former CEO of McDonald's. Jordan has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago-Booth ('13) and BBA in Finance from University of Wisconsin-Madison ('08). In his spare time, Jordan tries to keep his kids Landon (3.5) and Mason (2) as entertained as humanly possible.



Innovative, Better for You Beverages: What’s Next?

There’s no more fluid, dynamic market than beverages, which showcase nearly every imaginable trend. What tastes, trends and topics dominated 2022—and what’s likely to influence new products in 2023? One expert with a broad and first-hand perspective is Chicago’s Imbibe Inc., a third-party consultant and product developer. Come hear Andy Dratt, Imbibe’s Chief Commercial Officer, lead a panel discussion exploring all angles of new, better-for-your beverages.