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Marianne O'Shea

Marianne O'Shea, PhD
Vice President of Global Health and Nutrition Sciences

Marianne O’Shea is Vice President of Global Health and Nutrition Sciences for PepsiCo, leading a dynamic team of nutrition experts to guide the nutrition strategy fueling PepsiCo’s innovation and portfolio transformation journey. Marianne and her team collaborate with cross functional teams and business units worldwide to implement nutrition and health science programs that capitalize on our strengths and address gaps in PepsiCo’s portfolio.

Marianne joined PepsiCo in 2010. Previously, she held various R&D roles within several sectors of the industry including nutritional ingredient suppliers to both food and supplement industries, originally started her career in CPG with Unilever in the Netherlands. Her current priority is to guide the transformation of PepsiCo's portfolio to provide more nutritious choices for consumers by increasing nutrients of need such as fiber, while reducing nutrients to limit such as saturated fats and added sugars. In addition, her team is responsible for advancing research programs to support consumer demand for functional benefits across a range of areas including digestive health, energy, hydration and metabolic health. Marianne is a co-author of more than 50 publications and book chapters and is a co-inventor on several patents. She has a global mindset obtained through education and career experiences throughout Europe and the US. 

Marianne holds a degree in biochemistry from University College Dublin and has a PhD in biochemistry and nutrition from Dublin City University. She continued postgraduate training at Dublin City University and participated in executive training in general management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 


Keynote Presentation: Nutrition Meets Innovation: Leading by Example at PepsiCo

As consumers increasingly demand more nutritious products, PepsiCo, through investment in reformulation, innovation and acquisition of new brands, is committed to increasing the choice of healthier products within its portfolio. Brands in food include Quaker Oats, Lay’s, Sun Chips, Stacy’s and Sabra Humus, and in beverages LifeWTR, Naked, KeVita, Tropicana and Aquafina. The company has 2025 targets to reduce nutrients of public health concern and applies the PepsiCo Nutrition Criteria, based on global authoritative guidance to emphasize positive, better-for-you functional benefits from whole grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein and hydration.  

Come hear Marianne O’Shea, Vice President-Global Nutrition Science, discuss how PepsiCo integrates a healthful evidence based nutrition science approach to … 
… product reformulation projects (reducing added sugars, sodium, saturated fat) 
… product innovation efforts (to include functional benefits)
… new partner companies within the PepsiCo Greenhouse project