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Stephanie Lind
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Elohi Strategic Advisors

Stephanie Lind is the Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Elohi Strategic Advisors. Prior to Elohi, Stephanie spent over 25 years working for Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo, Sysco, and McDonald’s supply chain partner Havi Logistics. Most recently, she led the global sales initiatives for Impossible Foods during their 2018 break-out year. Stephanie has crossed Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain roles repeatedly moving from Retail to Foodservice to Industrial channels. Stephanie founded Elohi Strategic Advisors in 2015 to assist small, natural, and sustainable brands in their quest to launch in the foodservice channel. Currently, she expanded Elohi into assisting all food, beverage, and associated companies with their growth into the foodservice, industrial, and retail segments.



Protein's Future - Looking at Plants + Planting the Flag for What's Next!

There’s probably no more dynamic topic than protein when it comes to food ingredients. Fast-paced technology gains already have ushered in protein revolution across virtually plant-based sources. Likewise, new novel and cell-based protein technologies are edging even closer to marketplace prototypes.

So what’s next on the horizon? Forecasting for 2022 and beyond is Stephanie Lind, Founder of Elohi Strategic Advisors and Impossible Foods’ former Senior Vice President of Global Sales. Already an insights leader in plant-based products, Lind leads a thought-provoking session about the next technologies involving protein from plants as well as sources as diverse as algae, air and insects.