On the Street -- User-friendly Protein Fortification from Glanbia Nutritionals

Improvements in taste and texture, technological advances and consumers’ changing lifestyles have accelerated growth in the protein beverage market. In high-acid beverages however, pH levels have limited the functionality of whey protein and restricted the opportunities for new product development. Glanbia Nutritionals now offers a solution. Provon™ A-190 is a whey protein isolate system offering maximum functionality in low- pH drinks, while improving overall flavor. Provon A-190 offers manufacturers the freedom to develop on-trend products with a lower pH, according to the company. By cutting down on acid burn and astringency, Provon A-190 reduces the need for acid maskers, flavors additives and sweeteners. The product’s taste-enhancing qualities also improve the organoleptic profile of protein beverages to appeal to a wider range of consumers including athletes, children and the elderly, the company claims. Glanbia Nutritionals, 608-329-2800, www.glanbianutritionals.com

From the September 14, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition