• ModernMilk_2021_900

    Modern Meat Inc. Dairy Alternatives

    Modern Meat Inc., a plant-based meat manufacturer, announced the launch of its dairy alternative milk line featuring an Oat M*lk, Almond M*lk and Barista Edition Alternative M*lk. The ingredients used in the milks are all natural, vegan, and GMO free.
  • CheetosPopMix_900

    Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix

    Cheetos introduced Crunch Pop Mix, a combination of traditional Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos Popcorn. The new snack ties into recent food and snack mashup trends that emerged during 2020, including the infusion of snack mixes into mealtime occasions.
  • wixon

    Flavored Nation

    With the recent jump in home cooking, the role of flavor has been especially magnified as food serves a magnified role in providing excitement, comfort, health, indulgence, self-care, and family bonding.

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