• Captain Morgan Sliced cans

    New Alcoholic Beverages, Mocktails and Mixers for 2024

    “We’ve kicked things up a notch with this flavor exploration inspired by the flavor lab at Truly L.A. and can’t wait for fans to try this fun and playful combination that’s sure to score,” said Matt Withington, Truly Hard Seltzer's senior director of marketing.  
  • Cook preparing fried foods

    Sustainable Industry Efforts Remain Steady

    “Sustainability is at the core of Restaurant Technologies, and creating a better world for all of us to live in is a foundational part of our values,” said Diana Geseking, general counsel and chair of Restaurant Technologies’ ESG Committee. “We are grateful for our renewable energy partners, and our diverse customer base across industries who share our commitment to sustainability. With their continued support, we look to build upon our success and reach new heights in the years ahead.” 
  • Beyond Burger on cutting board

    Alternative Proteins Take Animal-Free to New Heights

    Today, it’s hard to keep up with the dramatic evolution of protein ingredients that fall under the umbrella of plant-based. This includes the growing numbers of ingredients that are not even based on plants. Here’s a brief look at current trends that help define movement in plant-based ingredients, followed by predictions for the future of alternative proteins.

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