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    2024 Health and Wellness Trends

    Functional foods and flavors continue to climb in popularity as such foods achieve just that: beyond providing nutritional benefits, they bring flavor, comfort, and excitement to the table. Among these, immunity-targeting products are in the forefront.
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    Plant Based Product Development Sharpens and Expands

    Over the past four years, plant-based product sales have seen strong growth, reaching record sales of $8B in 2022 (SPINS). While 88% of active users have a moderate to high commitment to continue their plant-based purchases, one-third of shoppers say they would like to see more plant-based offerings at stores, according to research. Retailers and brands can drive growth by offering a broader assortment and more online and in-store options.
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    New Tea Products Hitting Shelves in Q4 2023

    "Cold Brew is an exciting new beverage for everyday enjoyment. The carefully curated collection can be enjoyed any time of day, during any season, and features three herbal tea flavor pairings sure to please every palate," says Katie Kameswaran, Tea Forté marketing director.
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    Top Trends for Food Ingredients Supporting Immunity

    “More and more research is looking at our gut microbiome and how it plays an integral role in affecting our immune system, brain health and other body functions,” says Dr. Samara Sterling, a nutrition scientist and research director for The Peanut Institute. “These findings are exciting because the students consumed a relatively small amount of peanuts each day but the impact on their memory and mood was statistically significant.”

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