• Collage of Sugar Reduction products

    Scouting Opportunity in Sugar Reduction

    “Texture and color influence the perception of sweetness. So, it is not just about the texture and physical attributes of the sugars but also of preparing the base ingredients in ways that can enhance the sensory experience of the food product," said Kantha Shelke, PhD, CFS principal of Corvus Blue, LLC. “Processing techniques, such as caramelization, roasting, drying/dehydrating, and fermentation can help enhance sweetness without the need for sugar, too."
  • Olive Cake from Renewal Mill

    Rising to the Challenge of Organic Baking

    “The prices for all ingredients can be very high,” affirms Andrea Bayne, owner and head baker of BoriMami Bakery in Melbourne, Florida. “Demand for organic products exceeds supply, which can cause price increases and make consistent sourcing an issue.”

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