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    Protein Investment Continues Critical Innovation Role

    Over the past decade, the alternative protein industry has seen rapid growth in investor interest, with a total of $14.2 billion invested globally. Despite a high variance, investment in alternative proteins has doubled on average year over year. Amid challenging market conditions, alternative protein investment decelerated over the past year (alongside the 35% decline in overall global venture funding), decreasing from $5.1 billion in 2021 to $2.9 billion in 2022.
  • David Feder

    The Controversy Surrounding Erythritol

    If you’ve been following this controversy surrounding erythritol, don’t panic yet. Check in first with David Feder, Executive Editor—Technical for Prepared Foods as he provides some reasoned opinion on the matter.
  • Zilian Cheuk and Hugo Perez

    How ZenB's Yellow Pea Pasta Helps Promote Digestive Health

    Executive Editor Technical David Feder interviews Zilian Cheuk, Vice-president of Product Development, and Hugo Perez, an executive for ZenB US, Inc., makers of pastas, sauces, and snacks from yellow peas on how the company’s single-ingredient yellow pea pasta is not only an excellent mimic for wheat pasta but helps promote digestive health, a key aspect of immunity.

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