Dried Raisin Juice to Wheat Flour Dough

December 3/Science Letter -- According to recent research from Athens, Greece, "Concentrated and two types of dried raisin juice were added to bread and durum wheat flour dough at 50% level of sucrose substitution to prepare different bread samples. Baking (specific volume, color, crumb moisture, sensory evaluation), textural properties and dough rheological properties were determined in breads."

"It was suggested that Greek durum wheat flour was appropriate for breadmaking and contributed to the baking, sensory and textural properties of the final product. Addition of concentrated raisin juice in dough products both as a sucrose substitute and natural colorant gave breads with a higher loaf volume, fruity flavor and an appealing brown color. Breads containing dried raisin juice were sensory rated lower than those with sucrose; however, they improved loaf volume and increased preservation time," wrote D. Sabanis and colleagues, National Technical University.

The researchers concluded, "This study also examined statistically the relationship between sensory responses and instrumental measurements, which is of major importance in the food industry for various applications."

Sabanis and colleagues published their study in Food Science and Technology International ("Effect of Raisin Juice Addition on Bread Produced from Different Wheat Cultivars." Food Science and Technology International, 2009;15(4):325-336).

For additional information, contact C. Tzia, National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory Food Chemical & Technology, School Chemical Engineering, 5 Iroon Polytechnic St., Athens 15780, Greece.

From the December 7, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition