Quarter of Brits' Shopping is on Junk Food

June 18/London/Asian News International -- Grocery shoppers in the U.K.  spend about a quarter of their weekly supermarket shop on junk food, according to a new survey.

The study by weight loss company LighterLife has revealed that shoppers spend 17.22 pounds or about 26% of the average 65 pounds weekly grocery bill on junk food such as chocolate, alcohol, biscuits, crisps and soft drinks.

The survey found that Asda shoppers spent the most on unhealthy food at 18.23 pounds, while Tesco customers were the healthiest, spending only 16.65 pounds on junk food.

Around 37% people said they always spend more than required at the supermarket because they were tempted by treats, while 39% said they expected to overspend on treats, reports The Scotsman.

The survey also concluded that 81% of people bought extra snacks outside of the supermarket shop.

From the June 21, 2010, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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