New Chewing Gum Facility at Beneo

November 23/Offstein, Germany/Beneo Press Release -- BENEO further expanded its product development capabilities in the chewing gum sector by installing a key piece of specialized confectionery equipment, a kneading, extruding, rolling and scoring machine, at its laboratory in Offstein, Germany. Offering the ability to test and produce chewing gum cores on a laboratory scale, the new machine will be used to research the numerous possibilities of the sugar replacer ISOMALT in chewing gum cores. This addition will enable BENEO to provide its customers with comprehensive support in the development of new sugar-free gum products -- from coating to core. 

BENEO’s R&D investment will not only allow the company to perform its own product tests and trials, but it will also give select sweets manufacturers the opportunity to collaborate with BENEO’s in-house experts to further explore the chewing gum market potential of ISOMALT. 

As Ingrid Willibald-Ettle, head of Customer Technical Services at BENEO explains, "Some small and medium-sized manufacturers may not have the equipment, expertise or facilities to try out different product avenues, which can restrict growth into new areas. Sugar-free chewing gum is an especially strong growth sector, and with our expanded resources, our customers will be able to work with us on innovative product development using ISOMALT without having to invest in their own new facilities, at least until the prospective initial development phase is complete and their future needs and directions are clearly defined. 

"At BENEO we have a well-earned, long-standing reputation for our expertise and commitment to partnership in the area of chewing gum, and we’re delighted to be able to expand on these strengths. Having the opportunity to try different combinations and being able to offer multiple variants for specific applications guarantees that our clients have access to the best solutions and the most efficient product development pathways. This new equipment will be a valuable contribution to the already comprehensive services we offer and will enable us to strengthen our customer partnerships by offering them even more service and even better advice.”

From the December 6, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition