Oyster and Other Extracts in a Functional Drink

October 6/Kyunggi Do, South Korea/Food Business Week -- Scientists at Kyung Hee University have developed a functional drink made with a hydrolysate obtained from oyster and extracts from injin and omija. "The interactions of these ingredients were tested using a modified distance-based design," the researchers report.

"They were analyzed using a linear and nonlinear regression model, and a trace plot. The optimization of the mixture ratio was made by statistical modeling using antiradical activity and sensory properties. These factors are the important target constraints in the drink. Sensory properties showed a linear canonical form. Antiradical activity, color and viscosity of the drink showed a nonlinear canonical form, indicating a higher interaction among the mixtures. The response trace plot revealed that antiradical activity, sensory properties, color and viscosity were quite sensitive to the drink blending. The optimum formulation of the drink was determined to be 3% oyster hydrolysate, 3.83% injin extract and 8.17% omija extract," wrote K.J. Cho and colleagues, Kyung Hee University.

The researchers concluded, "Oyster hydrolysate, injin extract and omija extract have their own functional properties, such as high antiradical activity and specific sensory characters. Using a proper mixture design, a formulation of these ingredients could be optimized for the drinks. A canonical form and trace plot showed that the influence of each ingredient in the drinks, while optimization of ingredients ratio for the drink was obtained using a contour map with desirability. Although the taste of the drink could still use improvement, the optimum ratio for the functional drink was formulated."

Cho and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Food Quality ("Manufacture of the Functional Drink Using Hydrolysate from Oyster and Other Extracts." Journal of Food Quality, 2010;33(Suppl. 1):1-13).

For additional information, contact B.Y. Kim, Kyung Hee University, Dept. of Food Science & Biotechnology, Institute Life Science & Resources, Yongin 449701, Kyunggi Do, South Korea.

From the October 18, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition