Seeing Through Beer Goggles

January 29/Scottish Express --  The phenomenon known as  "beer goggles" -- where people seem far more attractive after a few drinks -- appears to be true.

A study found that found both men and women believed their judgment about the opposite sex had been distorted on a night out. One in four of those who took part in the research said they found otherwise plain-looking people more attractive if they drank, and a tipple or two boosted their self-confidence as well.

The same survey, which was carried out in Australia, discovered that three in four of those questioned did not find their fellow drinkers attractive if they were not under the influence themselves.

The poll of drinkers, aged 20-69, also found that more than one in four felt the need to join in and drink at work gatherings to fit in or to be accepted by their colleagues. Plus, nearly a third believed going on nights out with people from the office helped form better relationships with them.

However, consumers should beware just how much they imbibe; one in five said they had done or said something after a few drinks that they later regretted.

The poll was conducted for Australia's FebFast campaign to encourage people to stop drinking for the whole of February. It aims to raise money to help youngsters overcome drug and alcohol problems as well as improve the nation's health.

Many regular drinkers did not believe their habit was harming their health, but Australian TV host Sarah Wilson said, "Many of us drink to avoid feeling nervous or bored, or to quash end-of-day agitation, and don't know what it's like to be comfortable without the crutch alcohol provides."  

From the January 31, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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