Trademark for Quorn

March 18/Alexandria, Va.U.S. Fed News -- The trademark QUORN (Reg. No. 3930638; International Reg. No 1016632) was issued on March 15 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The owner is Marlow Foods Limited LLC U.K.; Premier House Centrium Business Park, Griffiths Way; St. Albans, Herfordshire AL1 2RE United Kingdom.

The trademark application serial number 79074121 was filed on July 6, 2009, and was registered on March 15.

The description of the mark registered is "The color(s) orange and light yellow is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the background pebble shape in the color orange; the word "QUORN" with the tail of the "Q" extending under the entire word and eight oval design elements circling the "Q" all appear in the color light yellow.

"Goods and Services: Nutritional and dietetic food products in use for body maintenance and weight control, namely, meal replacement and nutritional supplement drinks in powder mix and liquid form; dietetic foodstuffs containing myco-protein for use in body maintenance and weight control, namely, meal replacement and nutritional supplement drinks in powder mix and liquid form; foodstuff containing myco-protein used for weight loss, namely, meal replacement and nutritional drinks in powder mix and liquid form;

"Printed matter, namely, magazines, leaflets, books and periodicals concerning the use of myco-protein in food preparation;

"Myco-protein being foodstuff for human consumption; savouries, namely, frankfurters, eggs, sausages and deli meat and cheese slices consisting of or containing myco-protein; prepared meals consisting primarily of myco-protein vegetables and in the form of meat, fish, or poultry; cheese; cheese substitutes; pates, dairy based spreads, vegetable and vegetable oil based spreads, margarine and vegetable oils; milk-based drinks; milk drink substitutes, namely, soya bean milk; milk shakes, shakes of milk substitutes; milk dairy-based powders for making milkshakes; powdered milk, milk substitutes powder, namely, soya bean milk powder; desserts containing fruit, namely, glazed fruits, fruit crumbles, baked fruits, fruit cocktails; desserts containing cream, namely, whipping cream, custard cream, cream fraiche; dairy products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; dessert toppings, namely, fruit toppings, nut topping, peanut butter toppings, and dairy or non-dairy based whipped topping; yoghurts; prepared snacks for human consumption, namely, potato crisps, potato snacks, prepared snacks made from cooked fruit, prepared snacks made from cooked vegetables, prepared snacks made from dried fruit, prepared snacks made from dried vegetables, and prepared snacks made from nuts;

"Prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta, prepared pasta, rice and noodles with myco-protein and vegetables; prepared rice dishes; prepared pasta dishes; pastry products, namely, pies; dry mixes, namely, dry mixes for cheese sauce, dry mixes for white sauce, dry mixes for sauces, dry mixes for cakes, mixes for bread and pizza dough, mixes for cookies; mixes for muffins; mixes for doughnuts; sauces; cooking sauces; sandwiches; prepared frozen meals consisting primarily of flour, rice, pasta or noodles with myco-protein and vegetables; coffee, tea, chocolate and cocoa beverages not for medical use; desserts, namely, prepared pies, fruit cakes, fruit pies and fruit cobblers and desserts containing jelly known as jelly puds; dessert puddings; dessert toppings, namely, custard, flavored topping syrups, namely, chocolate, vanilla and caramel syrups, and chocolate, vanilla and caramel sauces not including fruit topping syrups or fruit sauces; dessert mousse confections; ice creams; frozen ices; ice desserts, namely, ice cream and ice cream based desserts; frozen yoghurt; ready to eat, cereal derived food bars; cereal based energy bars; confectionery, namely, sweets, toffees; chocolates; chocolate bars; flapjacks; muffins; cakes; cake bars; prepared snacks, namely, cookies and biscuits;

"Providing information and advice for preparing and cooking myco-protein recipes; providing recipe information via the Internet for using and cooking myco-protein in preparing foods;

"Providing dietary and health information and advice on using myco-protein for food."

From the March 21, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News
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