July 2011/Prepared Foods -- IQF products, such as shrimp, chicken, fish fillets, vegetables, pork, beef and more, can often benefit from the addition of a glaze or coating. The application of a glaze or coating can assist in adding flavor, extending shelflife, adding visual appeal, cost-efficiency and convenience.

The easy-to-use Saucy Glaze product line, by Advanced Food Systems, provides the above and more. Use of the glaze on IQF products helps protect them from freezer burn and flavor degradation. The glazes are sold in dry form. They are completely ready to add to water, or to a combination of water and oils to form a complete glaze. The liquid glaze is then applied to IQF products with either a dip or waterfall-type application. The glaze sets up within 8-12 seconds, and the product is ready for bulk packing or to be added to a frozen meal as an individual component. When the consumer heats the product, the glaze melts into a sauce that seasons the entreé.

A variety of flavors are available, including honey mustard, lemon butter dill, barbecue and teriyaki, and more exotic, ethnic versions, like curry, coconut curry, Thai curry and Southwestern. The flavors run the spectrum and can be developed according to customers’ requests. The glazes are available in both water-based and oil-based dry forms, depending on nutritional and other constraints.

“Saucy Glazes can be custom-developed according to our clients’ needs. For example, we worked with one client to help develop flavor profiles according to specific nutritional and labeling requirements,” explains Chris Kelly, director of technical services at Advanced Food Systems. “With our client’s calorie and sodium restrictions, a product needed to be developed with the right mouthfeel and flavor profile.”

When a lower calorie or lower fat glaze is needed, water is used for the base, rather than oil. For reducing sodium, a wide variety of flavors are used. The glazes that have a lot of the bold flavors do not need as much sodium. Instead, the flavor comes from peppers or spices, and salt is not as necessary. The lack of sodium is not noticed in the bolder flavored glazes. In one example, most formula revisions were initially for flavor, but then changes in viscosity and set-up times were designed specifically to get the right amount of pick-up. Also, upon reheating, a specific viscosity was needed for the sauce.

The Saucy Glazes are designed specifically to fit into a client’s manufacturing process and equipment. Working closely with clients until all criteria are met, the team ensures the client’s complete satisfaction with the final products. As an extension of a client’s R&D team, Advanced Food Systems develops products within all defined parameters, such as cost, nutritional requirements and flavor. Building trust with customers promotes open innovation and assists in achieving common objectives. pf

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