OceansHalo225Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips, crunchy chips made from sustainably harvested and nutrient-rich seaweed,are now available in Whole Foods Markets throughout the Northern California region to the delight of health-conscious snackers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and beyond. Shoppers can now find Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips in 41 Northern California stores, bringing Ocean's Halo to approximately 150 Whole Foods locations, including the Midwest, Northeast, and North Atlantic Whole Foods Market regions, as well as several locations in Western Canada.

"When it comes to health-conscious snacking, it goes without saying that Whole Foods Market is one of the leading retailers in the country," said Mike Shim, co-founder of Ocean's Halo. "Ocean's Halo has seen a great deal of success with Whole Foods Midwest, Northeast, and North Atlantic regions. Being based in the Bay Area, we could not be more thrilled to expand our partnership with Whole Foods to our own home town region, Northern California."

Ocean's Halo is also excited to report that Texas market chain H-E-B has signed on as the first major partner to offer Ocean's Halo's newest flavor Texas BBQ, making it the first large retailer to carry all five flavors of Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips: Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Korean BBQ, Hot & Spicy, and Texas BBQ. Customers can now find the tasty and nutritious snack in the Gluten Free aisle of approximately 150 H-E-B supermarkets throughout Texas.

"Given the incredible reception Texas BBQ received at its debut at the Natural Products Expo East this year, we have been counting down the days until our Ocean's Halo fans were able to find our newest flavor on the shelves of their local supermarkets," said Robert Mock, co-founder of Ocean's Halo. "It could not be more fitting to have Texas' leading supermarket, H-E-B, be the first to carry Texas BBQ Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips."