Musselman’s Apple Butter, America’s #1 selling brand, is now available in new, 2.25 oz. individually portioned cups, perfect for on-the-go meals with a nutritious twist. According to the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot 2015 Culinary Forecast, healthfulness and portability are predicted to drive breakfast traffic this year. Made with wholesome apples slow-cooked to perfection, Musselman’s Apple Butter is gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free.

Uniquely smooth, sweet and fruity, this versatile condiment has a wide range of menu applications: 

• Great DIP for—Sweet potato fries, French toast sticks, chicken fingers, donut holes, hot wings, bread sticks, hush puppies, hummus

• Great SPREAD for—Bagels, biscuits, croissants, toast

• Great TOPPING for—Oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, bread pudding

Apple butter is made by slow-cooking apples in big copper kettles. As the natural sugars caramelize, the mixture develops a velvety consistency, deep brown color and sweet cinnamon-spiced apple flavor. Free of dairy, fat and added sugar, apple butter provides a healthier alternative to other condiments. In addition to the new single-serve, Musselman’s Apple Butter is also available in 17 oz. and 28 oz. jars as well as 120 oz. cans.

“Perfect for meals on the go, the new single-serve Musselman’s Apple Butter fills the void for healthful condiment options,” says Bob Fisher, Vice President of Marketing for Knouse Foods. “The sweet cinnamon apple flavor pairs well with almost anything, making this an easy go-to add-on for any daypart.”