Certified Organic Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum has long been known as a food ingredient with multiple functionalities. Colloides Naturel Inc. presents Biogum, the first acacia gum certified organic. A bioactive fiber, Biogum offers nutritional benefits as well as a broad spectrum of functional properties, including flavoring, coloring, stabilization, coating and glazing, and prevention of precipitation. Applications range from confectionary and beverages to cereal products and meal substitutes. Colloides Naturel, 908-707-9400

A Good Start

A product line ranging from dried fruits and vegetables to seasonings to specialty fats to desserts and beverages starts with all-natural products and is carefully processed with no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Hormel Specialty Products offers Great Beginnings® to the food processor. Great Beginnings® joins Hormel's other lines of processed all natural foods in providing high quality, consistent flavor and flexibility in all types of food applications. Hormel Specialty Products, 800-956-0399

Food Testing

Leading manufacturers and government agencies rely on the largest, most experienced food testing laboratory in the world. Covance Laboratories Inc. analyzes more than 30,000 samples per month, now including acrylamide. Covance Laboratories Inc., Bob Pesselman, 888-COVANCE, 608-241-7227,www.covance.com

Clearly Better

Improve the clarity of processed beverages by removing the polyphenols that cause haze and precipitation. Polyclar® BV by ISP Food Ingredients can improve the shelf life, appearance and taste of iced tea and other processed drinks by removing certain polyphenols implicated in unwanted astringent flavors. Polyclar® BV is used in the processing stages and is removed through filtration, thus is not present in the final product. ISP Food Ingredients, Sharrann Simmons, 973-628-4103

Superior Sunflower

Achieve desired oil stability and finished product flavor characteristics with a nutritionally superior oil. Humko's Trisun® series of sunflower oils is non-GMO and identity-preserved, and meets stability requirements without hydrogenation, thus eliminating trans fatty acids. Trisun® high oleic sunflower oils improve shelf life and moisture retention without affecting flavor, and are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids for positive nutritional effect. Humko Oil Products, 800-344-8656,humkooil@achfood.com

Vegetable Fiber

This all natural vegetable fiber is a high-quality product that is completely tasteless and odor-free. QC All Natural Vegetable Fiber from CreaFill Fibers Corp. has no calories or fat, improves batter cohesion and prolongs product freshness. Additionally, it improves product volume, prevents caking, increases dough yield, reduces fat absorption and is an ideal carrying agent. Applications include fragile snack foods such as pretzels and tortilla chips; baked goods such as cookies, cakes and donuts; dairy products such as yogurt and cheese; nutraceuticals; and spices, flavorings and sauces. CreaFill Fibers Corp., Sara England, 800-832-4662

Encapsulated Oils

A new encapsulation technology uses cost-effective, natural materials to produce microencapsulated shelf-stable oil and oil-soluble ingredients. Clover Corporation's new system has built-in antioxidant properties and has been specially designed to perform important stabilization functions in both wet and dry systems. The products can be in the form of shelf-stable dry powders or an oil-in-water emulsion. Clover Corporation, 212-643-2310,www.clovercorp.com.au

Certified Organic Rice

A leading supplier of rice-based ingredients joins the organic food market with its new line of certified organic rice flours and organic rice starches. A&B Ingredients' organic rice starches include RemyODR, a raw, “cook-up” organic rice starch and RemyODPR, an instant, pre-cooked rice starch. Remyflow RO organic rice flour is made from whole, polished white rice for a clean and versatile taste. Rice starches and flours are excellent as thickeners in soups, sauces and other prepared foods. Common applications include baby food and “health food” products. A&B Ingredients, Gil Bakal, 973-227-1390,www.abingredients.com

Foam Control

Reduce costs, improve quality and speed processing in agitation systems by reducing foam. OSi offers silicone and organic defoam and antifoam agents to control foam in manufacturing systems. The SAG series of silicone-based foam control ingredients come in industrial-grade and food-grade formulations, while the SENTRY series, a simethicone-based emulsion developed and approved for pharmaceutical and medical applications, also has been proven in cosmetic and toiletry products. OSi Specialties Inc., 800-295-2392

Focus on Quality

Unlike most broth producers, where broth is a secondary by-product of meat production, IDF focuses on broth as a primary end product, which makes its spray-dried, frozen and shelf-stable broths superior in taste and functionality. Likewise, IDF's shelf-stable liquid poultry fats and spray-dried fat powders are primary products, not by-products. IDF uses locally sourced raw material and attention to quality and process control to provide the highest performance products possible. IDF, 800-641-6509,www.idf.com

Super Sweetness

Licorice-based agents enhance and intensify flavor and sweetness, eliminate bitterness and suppress undesirable aftertastes. Magnasweet® from Mafco is a versatile line of flavors with unique functionality, derived from the root of the licorice plant and compounded for highly specific flavor effects. Magnasweet® products are available in both powdered and liquid versions for incorporation into most systems, and (unlike many flavorings) are non-volatile and stable under most processing conditions. Mafco Worldwide, 856-964-8804,magnasweet@mafcolicorice.com

Problem Solver

First used to stabilize flavors, cyclodextrins are now being formulated to solve specific problems of stability, taste and odor control in the nutraceutical and functional food markets. For example, Wacker Biochem's OmegaDry® is a stabilized taste- and odor-free powdered omega oil for delivery of sufficient omega-3 fatty acids for nutritional food formulations. Other gamma-cyclodextrin-formulated omega oils from Wacker Biochem are designed for use in fortification of beverages, cereals, baked goods and dairy products. Wacker Biochem, Helmut Reuscher, 517-264-8794,www.wacker-biochem.com

Sauces and Stocks

Prepared by classic French methods, the new “Gourmet Royal” line of concentrated sauces and roasted brown stocks from Ariake USA complements the company's current lines of dried stocks and food bases. The new line provides chef-prepared taste while being easy to reconstitute for even less-trained kitchen staff or time-crunched product developers. Ariake USA Inc., 630-617-8850

Add Calcium, Not Taste

Most calcium additives not only add calcium, but also bitter or gritty taste. Gluconal®-CAL not only does not add taste, but can also chelate certain ions which can mask off-flavors brought by other additives. Specifically formulated to overcome such issues, as well as stability, absorption, and high processing costs, Gluconal®-CAL is readily-soluble, heat stable, neutral in taste and provides high bioavailability for maximum functionality. Glucona, 888-GLUCONA,www.glucona.com

White Cheddar

A water- and oil-dispersible powder with a salty, meaty and aged flavor, White Cheddar Cheese flavor is a new addition to the signature line of dairy flavors from Edlong. Natural Cheese Flavor #2359 has applications in stovetop and microwave sauces, crackers and salad dressings, and in topical blends for popcorn and chips. Edlong Flavors, Dave Booth, 888-698-2783, ext. 2110,dbooth@edlong.com

Fresh Beverage Taste

A new line of liquid concentrates for the beverage industry has a “fresh” taste not achieved by other single strength concentrates. The Diana Vegetal line is GRAS and Kosher and can be formulated into custom blends. For the functional food industry, DV also provides documentation on the vitamin content of the blends, allowing for their use as a base for functional beverages; additional applications include sauces, soups and salad dressings. Diana Vegetal has a North American partner in RFI Ingredients, a leading supplier of innovative natural ingredients for the food, functional food and dietary supplement industries. RFI Ingredients, Ellen Schutt, 845-358-8600, ext. 121,ellens@rfiingredients.com

Attention to Detail

Turn your product ideas into reality while preparing them for test markets or distribution. Rtech's pilot plant is an ideal facility for process and product trials. Rtech offers technical expertise, confidentiality and meticulous attention to detail, as well as consumer research, sensory services, labeling and technical services. A division of Land O' Lakes Inc., Rtech was one of the first food-testing laboratories to receive ISO 9002 registration, as well as accreditation to ISO 17025. Rtech Laboratories, 800-328-9687,www.rtechlabs.com

Batter Up

Not all breadings and batters are created equal. For more than 65 years, Newly Weds® has offered food technologists unsurpassed knowledge and experience to provide batters and breadings, among other products, specifically designed for the application at hand. Combining batters and breadings with other system components such as predusts, marinades, and seasoning blends results in superior taste, texture, appearance and aroma of food products. Providing quality customer support in formulation teams results in superior product management. Newly Weds® Foods, 773-489-7000,www.newlywedsfoods.com

Nuts to You

Recent studies have shown compelling evidence that nuts, and almonds in particular, provide important health-promoting benefits. An excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin E, almonds are also rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron, as well as folic acid. Almonds also contain phytochemicals, a class of nutrients that are thought to play a role in prevention of major chronic diseases. Food technologists also rely on almonds to add texture and “crunch” to savory and sweet products, as well as distinctive and appealing taste. Consumers perceive almonds as a quality added value in foods, both for taste and for health. Almond Board of California, 209-549-8262,www.AlmondsAreIn.com

Moisture Control

Sugar and salt are the basics for adding flavor and texture to all types of products, but have always presented food manufacturers with problems that affect taste, appearance and shelf life of products. Untreated salt will attach yeast and protein structures, preventing proper development; both salt and sugar are subject to absorption of moisture, resulting in lumping and poor cohesion. TasteTech has developed microencapsulated salts and sugars that are protected from these problems, trapping individual grains in a microfilm of hardened vegetable oil with a controlled release mechanism and preventing untimely interactions, which reduces cost and waste. TasteTech's products can be tailored to suit different requirements. TasteTech,www.tastetech.co.uk

Radical Scavenger

A powerful natural antioxidant is water-soluble and has the highest ORAC value among 39 herbs. Containing rosmarinic acid, Alternativa Natural Origanox™ is a fierce free radical scavenger, is all natural and is manufactured using strict GMP protocols, and is both Kosher and vegetarian. Alternativa Natural,www.altnatural.com

Focus on Microwaves

Focused microwave heating takes the principles of microwave a step further. A patented technology from Industrial Microwave Systems Inc. uses an elliptical applicator to focus the microwaves in a shape which provides uniform heating throughout the volume of the product. This eliminates hot spots, generates uniform, instantaneous heating, and prevents product degradation, color and flavor losses common in both traditional heating methods and ordinary microwaving. Ideal for pasteurization and UHT/aseptic processing, focused microwave heating avoids unnecessary shear due to violent physical reaction during heating or vacuum cooling, and the lack of heating surfaces eliminates product burn-on and fouling. MicroThermics Inc., David M. Miles, 919-878-8045,info@microthermics.com

Energy Booster

Multifunctional medium chain triglycerides provide more than eight calories per gram of readily-available energy to nutritional products such as bars, powders or ready-to-drink formulations. NEOBEE®, from Stepan Company, function as flavor carriers, solubilizers, release and anti-stick agents, and trans fatty acid-free PHVO alternatives. Stepan Company, James M. Butterwick, 201-712-7642,jbutterwick@stepan.com

Very Dairy

Bland taste and fine powder texture—as well as 27% calcium and 16% phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio—make the Fieldgate Natural Dairy Calcium a great choice for fortification in supplements, thick beverages, powdered products or dairy. A whey mineral product, Fieldgate Natural Dairy Calcium aids in bone health and proper muscle, heart and lung function. First District Association, Bridget Hollermann, 320-693-3236,www.firstdistrict.com

Nutritional Merger

The leading global supplier of customized nutrients systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries has joined forces with the world's leading nutritional chemical company in a joint venture for the manufacture, marketing and sales of human nutrition premix products. Fortitech Inc. will have enhanced access to the top grade nutritional ingredients produced by BASF AG for use in its premix systems. BASF will transfer its premix customers and processing facilities to Fortitech and will continue to concentrate on research, development and manufacture of nutritional ingredients. The joint venture builds on the North American strategic alliance formed in June 2001. Fortitech Inc., Maria Michael, 800-950-9156,www.fortitech.com

Rice for Health

A survey at the annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists illustrates the importance of rice to product development specialists. 87% of the survey respondents claim that rice or rice products will play a role in the development of lighter or healthier products; 91% indicate that rice fits within their concerns regarding clean labeling, and two-thirds of the respondents said that rice will play a greater role than in the past in upcoming product development. USA Rice Federation, Heidi Christensen, 713-270-6699

An Apple a Day

Apples, whether fresh, frozen or dried, are rich in a wide array of properties promoting good health. High in vitamin C, potassium and fiber, apples have also been proven to slow the oxidation process of LDL cholesterol. One serving of TreeTop's 100% apple juice provides 120% of daily vitamin C requirements, with no sugar added. Apple ingredients are also used in numerous food applications, from waffles to dairy products, adding flavor, sweetness, texture and antioxidant properties while replacing fat and reducing cost. TreeTop Ingredient Division, 800-367-6571,www.treetop.com

A Spoonful of Sucralose

Although made from sugar, sucralose is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate, and can be used in place of sugar and other non-nutritive sweeteners. Splenda® brand Sucralose has been approved by the FDA for use as a general purpose sweetener in all foods and beverages. Studies have shown no effect of sucralose on insulin levels, no effect on carbohydrate metabolism, and very little is broken down by the body during digestion. Unlike some non-nutritive sweeteners, Splenda® does not degrade during heating and therefore is excellent for cooking and baking, as well as for use in beverages. McNeil Specialty Products, 800-7-SPLENDA,www.splenda.com

Cocoa Color

Reduce costs by using powdered caramel colors in cocoa ingredients. Sethness Caramel Color has announced the development of a number of formulations to reduce skyrocketing cocoa costs. Sethness operates the world's largest caramel color facility, providing the broadest selection of powdered caramel colors, and has worked with a number of bakery and food companies to develop highly effective cocoa extenders. Sethness Caramel Color, 888-772-1880,mail@sethness.com,www.sethness.com

Sidebar: From Leatherhead:

The European Parliament has voted that animal feeds and human foods containing more than 0.5% genetically modified material must be labeled as GM. The biotech industry group EuropaBio claims this does not take into account cross-pollination or contamination at some point during storage or processing.

The Independent Review reports that a French pet food industry has introduced a lunch box for dogs which includes duck- and chicken-flavored dog biscuits, a poultry and carrot terrine, and a beverage, among other food items. A paper napkin, disposable bowls and a fork are included.

About half of the Indian restaurants in London may be using unacceptable amounts of food coloring such as tartrazine, sunset yellow and ponceau 4R in a popular dish called chicken tikka masala. Twenty-three million portions of the dish are sold per year in Indian restaurants; Marks & Spencer's food courts alone sell 18 a tons week. Leatherhead Food RA, help@lfra.co.uk, www.lfra.co.uk

Sidebar: Eating Study

Developed 12 years ago by the USDA, the HEI (Healthy Eating Index) was designed to measure the healthfulness of American dietary habits. NPDFoodWorld announces the first major study of American eating patterns since 1996 to utilize the HEI model. Preliminary surveys indicate that the biggest difference between a good diet and a bad one was the amount of fruit consumed. NPDFoodWorld, Harry Balzer,harry_balzer@npd.com,www.npdfoodworld.com