Prepared Foods January 17, 2005 enewsletter

Tropical Beverage Inc., a producer and distributor of value-added water-based products, announced that it has agreed to terms to acquire the exclusive rights to a complete line of nutritionally enhanced waters (N.E.W.). The company shall take over the marketing and distribution of products in the N.E.W. line including but not limited to N.E.W.Calcium. The company plans on expanding the offering, transferring the technology to some of its other products.

"The N.E.W. products represent some of the most innovative we have seen over the past few years," said Chris Lotito, CFO for Tropical. "By adding them to our offering, we have a strong foundation as we begin to focus more on our own brands and higher returns for our investors. We feel that this addition greatly improves our stable of products, and we look forward to expanding the line," he added.