Retort Pouches for Foodservice

A new generation of retort pouches meets the demanding requirements of institutional packages. The retort pouch manufacturing line features two laminations to allow packagers to have a transparent option.

Inside to outside construction includes polyester/silica-coated nylon/cast polypropylene (transparent), or polyester/aluminum foil/biaxially oriented nylon/cast polypropylene. Other pouch options include easy-open, laser scored, custom-shaped, preformed designs, and premade pouches.

Kapak, the pouch maker, is working on partnerships with contract packagers to find filling equipment that meets both FDA acceptance and production line speeds.

Cookie Snacks in a Can

Cookies-to-go just go a whole lot easier with a 4.25-oz. composite canister filled with bite-sized versions of Sandies, Rainbow Chips Deluxe and Vienna Cremes from Keebler.

Supplied by Sonoco, the 211 x 606 can is well suited for cup-holders, lunch boxes, gym bags and desk drawers. The container is spiral wound of four plies--two 100% recycled paper, a poly-foil barrier liner, and a label, which was rotogravure printed by American Packaging Corp. The canister is sealed with a peelable foil membrane top and flexible low-density plastic overcap. Durable package protects the product and extends shelf life up to 18 months.

The new snack-size cookies have a suggested retail price of $1.39.

Advanced Reclosable Pouch Technology

As the result of an 18-month joint development effort, Pactiv Corp. and Sargento Foods recently announced the commercial launch of an inline application of the Hefty Slide-Rite closure on a horizontal form-fill-seal machine. Originally introduced for packaging applications in 1998, the Hefty slider closure had only been available on premade bags until now.

"The key was to develop a consumer-preferred slider closure package that provided the required level of hermetic properties, functionality, tamper-evidence and merchandising without affecting machine speed and scrap," reports Sargento's Brad Rostowfske. The Sargento agreement with Pactiv provides the cheese manufacturer with multiyear, exclusive access to the Slide-Rite technology for cheese products in North America.

Easy-Opening Lid for Metal and Glass

New Dot-Top lid from Silgan Containers provides consumers with opening convenience and resealability on metal cans and glass jars for food and beverages.

To open the lid, the consumer peels back a small plastic dimple (dot) in the center of the lid (top). This releases the vacuum that holds the lid in place, allowing the consumer to easily lift it off the container.

The container can be resealed by snapping the lid back onto the opening.

The Dot-Top lid can be used for a variety of products that are hot-filled, closed with mechanical vacuum, or retorted with overriding pressure. In South America, the easy-open lid has been used for six years on metal cans and 10 years on glass jars.