Vlasic (Pinnacle Foods—Mountain Lakes, N.J.) is expanding its presence in pickled condiments with a slew of new products that are neither dill nor butter in flavor. Vlasic Relish Mixers, available in Sweet Onion and Salsa Relish, can be mixed into pasta salads or used as toppers for hot dogs and hamburgers. Labeling on the Sweet Onion variety explains that “hot dogs don't like to be left alone.”

Also of note is a new sub-brand private label from H-E-B supermarkets (San Antonio, Texas), called H-E-B Harvest Moon. The line includes pickled condiments and jarred fruits and vegetables, such as Mediterranean Salad (artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, red peppers, and baby corn in brine), white asparagus, sauerkraut, fire-roasted red peppers, and papaya slices. H-E-B stores are located in Texas and Mexico.