Mintel's Menu Insights provides a single-source, online solution for food formulators and marketers interested in tracking flavor trends. Trends emerge through data sourced from the 350 largest U.S. chain restaurants and 200 independent restaurants. With trends reported quarterly, one can spot and respond to changes in price, menu items, ingredients, preparations and entirely new menus.

Menu Insights provides 24/7 online delivery of data to clients' desktops, allowing them to stay ahead of trends in the foodservice industry. There is no need for additional software or system administration, and the user-friendly program allows one to easily generate charts, graphs and reports with quick downloading capabilities.

Clients subscribing to Menu Insights have the support of Mintel's complete team of professionals, who can help train client staff, conduct searches, and answer day-to-day questions. The team includes industry consultants, a licensed chef, dietician, information technology staff, data entry, project management and sales teams. Mintel, Patrick Garnett, 312-932-0400,,