Kettle Foods (Salem, Ore.) has introduced three new flavors to its line of salty snacks found in natural supermarkets. Classic barbeque, roasted red pepper with goat cheese and fire roasted chili join Kettle's stable.

The classic barbeque Kettle chips are seasoned with natural honey and hickory flavor, as well as tangy spices such as paprika, chili pepper and cayenne pepper. Kettle Foods promises intense, long-lasting flavor that balances spicy, sweet and smoky.

Roasted red pepper with goat cheese is an unexpected pairing, admits Kettle Foods. Inspired by gourmet food trends, the natural goat cheese reportedly complements the sweet taste of roasted red pepper.

Five chili varieties contribute to the fire roasted chili organic tortilla chips. Made with stone-ground organic masa with sprouted yellow corn and organic brown rice, the chips offer a hint of cilantro and lime to complement the spicy chili.