Lemons have been historically associated with long sea voyages, where they became famous for protecting sailors from scurvy. Lemons are on the move again, and especially with the popularity of the organic beverage market, organic lemons now are finding their way around the world into corner supermarkets. Organic lemon flavors are in high demand as flavors and as natural masking agents in healthful, organic and nutraceutical beverages. As the market for organic foods and nutraceuticals increases, so does the demand for organic lemon juices and lemon oil.

According to Elaine Kellman Grosinger, director of R&D, Citroil Enterprises, a manufacturer of organic lemon juices and oils, natural lemon flavor is perfect for formulating with basic flavors to help give them an added interest or zest. “For example, a basic grape flavor can be given a new twist with the addition of lemon flavor, as it tastes more alive and fresh. They also may aid formulation as they are good masking agents.” They are especially popular for masking the aftertastes of artificial sweeteners, or for masking the heavy chalkiness that might be found in nutraceutical products with vitamins or minerals added. “Mostly, they give foods or beverages a fresh feeling, especially useful in cooked beverages to help give them a more refreshing appeal,” adds Grosinger.

As lemon flavor has year-round interest, it is useful for a variety of products, such as in hot teas in the winter time and in iced teas in the summer. Grosinger states that interesting new products that could use the organic lemon flavors would be flavored lemonades, such as berry lemonade, or tropical lemonade.

Citroil Enterprises has just launched a new and expanded flavor division in America, similar to the divisions that it has operated successfully for over 40 years in the world markets, specifically Latin America. As the company is vertically integrated by owning thousands of acres of lemon orchards in South America, as well as sophisticated processing equipment in both North and South America, the advantages of sourcing and formulating their own citrus oil products is passed on to their customers. The new flavor division specializes in flavors for beverages, confectionery products, baked goods and dairy items, and features flavors for organic nutraceutical products. These flavors are kosher and can be manufactured to be National Organic Program (NOP) compliant.

In the past, the company operated out of its New Jersey office and focused only on lemon and other citrus products. However, after gaining extensive flavoring experience, Citroil decided to extend its portfolio and offer a full flavor line. The markets they are ready to service include: beverages, such as teas, sodas, powders, ready-to-drink beverages, carbonated and non-carbonated waters; confections, such as candies, gum, snacks and fruit snacks; and baked goods, including packaged cakes, cake mixes and cereals.

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