Juiced Up

Exotic flavors offer amazing health benefits. Studies have shown that drinking juices such as pomegranate juice, with its high antioxidant content, actually can reduce arteriosclerosis. Juices high in antioxidants also can neutralize free radicals, which have been linked to degenerative illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Northwest Naturals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tree Top Inc., is an industry leader in the production of all-natural, specialty blends of fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates and frozen dairy-style bases. Northwest Naturals, Mike Marquand, 425-881-2200, ext. 232

Art and Science

Educational sessions covering topics from astronaut food to umami highlighted the program at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) in Houston last month. The theme of Culinology®--Two Pasts, One Future--celebrates the partnership between culinarians and scientists, the blending of art and science. The RCA was founded in 1996 and now boasts about 2,000 members from all over the spectrum: nutritionists, chefs, consultants, researchers, food scientists and suppliers, to name a few. The food industry's most innovative professionals make RCA the prime source of culinary and technical information. Research Chefs Association, 404-252-3663, www.culinology.org

Building Bridges

Today's consumers demand increasingly sophisticated foods while clinging to classic tastes and textures. Kerry Ingredients manages to appease both hungers with its expanded flavor-layering capabilities. A great example is their Macadamia Macaroon Swirl ice cream flavor concept. Classic “comfort food” such as ice cream and chewy baked cookies blend with exotic coconut flavor and macadamia nuts for a treat for the senses. Kerry Ingredients--Kerry Sweet Ingredients, Kenny Haller, 800-255-6312, khaller@kerrygroup.com, www.kerryamericas.com

Smoother Soups

A wide range of rice starches and rice flours gives soup producers a powerful weapon in the battle for creaminess and consistency. Especially good for soups that must undergo freezing, rice starch is one of the most shear-resistant and freeze-thaw stable ingredients available. Rice starch granule size and butter fat globule size are nearly equal, which might account for their similarity of mouthfeel, but rice starch prevents the separation of liquid from solid, enhancing both appearance and texture. With no off-taste and clean labeling, rice starch is a clear choice. A&B Ingredients, 973-227-1390, www.abingredients.com

Edibly Spreadable

An emulsifier widely used to modify the rheology of chocolate is now GRAS for use in improving the spreadability of margarine. Stepan Company's DREWPOL PGPR® (polyglycerol polyricinoleic acid) is produced via a polymerization process that improves on conventional polyglycerol esters. Certified kosher, DREWPOL PGPR offers superior emulsification, reduced spatter in frying and improved stability. Stepan Company Food & Health Specialties, James Butterwick, 201-712-7642, food.health@stepan.com, www.stepan.com

Managing Risk

A global leader in the research and application of soy-based ingredients is enhancing innovation while reducing risk. The Solae Company has chosen Sopheon's Accolade process and portfolio management system to automate the product development technology Stage-Gate. Accolade offers rigorous and disciplined process of evaluation and management of process and product ideas. Managing risks and optimizing the decision-making processes enables Solae to best utilize resources for maximum results. The Solae Company, www.solae.com; Sopheon, www.sopheon.com

Feeling Full

Three-fifths of Americans are clinically overweight, but current dietary strategies too often fail in their approach. ORAFTI offers a new supplement that addresses one of the most common handicaps. Beneo™ P95 oligofructose can act as a satiety trigger, modulating the release of intestinal hormones that signal a feeling of fullness, thus limiting caloric intake. A recent placebo-controlled study showed significantly lower energy intake in volunteers supplementing their diet with Beneo P95. ORAFTI, www.orafti.com

Tapping into Sweetness

Pure, certified organic, kosher and non-GMO tapioca dextrose gives foods sweetness and creaminess. CIRANDA has expanded its line of TapiOK® organic tapioca products with its release of organic tapioca dextrose. Easily soluble, sweet-tasting and imparting excellent mouthfeel, TapiOK organic dextrose provides manufacturers of beverages, energy products, baby food, ice cream and chewing gum a superior sweetening and texturizing agent that also increases the percentage of organic ingredients. The TapiOK line from CIRANDA also includes organic maltodextrins, syrups, syrup solids and starches. CIRANDA, 715-386-1737, sales@ciranda.com, www.ciranda.com


A January 2006NutraSolutionsarticle featured Dyna-Tabs Digestive Assist and Digestive Support. Dyna-Tabs was reported as being in a capsule format whereas the products are actually sublingual strips packaged in ultra-thin dispensers for “on-the-go” use. When placed on the tongue, the strips dissolve quickly for speedier absorption and distribution into the body. DynaTabs, Harold Baum, 718-376-6084, dynatabsllc@aol.com, www.dynatabs.com

Effective Combos

Increasing the variety of cholesterol-lowering foods like oat bran dramatically magnifies the health effects, according to a Canadian study. Combining certain foods can result in as much as a 20% reduction in LDL, comparable to the results of some statin drugs commonly used to combat high cholesterol. Foods such as almonds, soy protein, oat bran, okra and eggplant individually have a small effect on cholesterol, but in combination the effect increases greatly. Statin drugs are still most effective for patients with serious health issues, but combining LDL-lowering foods is an alternative for lower-risk patients, with the added benefit of avoiding the serious side effects of drugs. Originally from theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For more news items delivered to your e-mailbox, visit www.PreparedFoods.com and register forPrepared Foods' newsletter.

My Humps

Children with milk allergies may have a new hope--camels. An eight-child study in Israel found camel milk "ameliorates allergic reactions...over the years." They suspect the effect results from the milk's special composition, and the subjects had found no benefit from conventional milk-allergy treatments. Researchers admit, however, that the encouraging results should be validated by large-scale clinical trials. For more news items delivered to your e-mailbox, visit www.PreparedFoods.com and register forPrepared Foods' newsletter.

Coffee and Tea May Help Liver

Examining whether coffee consumption protects against liver injury, scientists at Social and Scientific Systems found the protection from coffee and tea was "limited to persons at higher risk for liver diseases from heavier alcoholic intake, overweight, diabetes or high iron saturation." Writing in the journalGastroenterology, they concluded, "Coffee and tea drinking decreases the risk of clinically significant chronic liver disease."

For more news items delivered to your e-mailbox, visit www.PreparedFoods.com and register for Prepared Foods' newsletter.

Fat Replacing Fiber

A zero-calorie, natural fat replacement ingredient, Z-TRIM™, is the only amorphous cellulose from cereals and legumes available commercially to the global food and beverage industry, notes FiberGel Technologies. It is a dietary fiber with unparalleled food formulation functions. Unlike all other hydrocolloids, Z-TRIM's viscosity profile has a concentration range of between 0.5% to 12% (50 to 1,000,000cps), so it is useful in designing and reformulating most food products. It is available in both gel and powder form. FiberGel Technologies Inc., 847-549-6002, Rick Harris, rickh@crgq.com, www.ztrim.com

Satiety in Humans

A prebiotic ingredient from chicory root, Beneo oligofructose can act as a trigger to help limit feelings of hunger and energy intake. Research in animal models found metabolites originating from Beneo fermentation in the colon are likely involved in the mechanism. Oligofructose fermentation modulates the release of gut hormones in the blood that act as signaling agents to the brain, influencing appetite and food intake. Recently, BeneoTMP95's satiety-inducing effects were confirmed in a placebo-controlled, crossover design study. Ten healthy men and women aged 21-39 years, with normal BMI values, were supplemented at breakfast and dinner with Beneo P95 (8g/meal) or a placebo (maltodextrin). After both meals, the ingredient significantly increased satiety as compared to the placebo treatment (P<0.05). In addition, hunger and total energy intake during the day was significantly lower in volunteers supplemented with Beneo P95 compared to the placebo group (P<0.05). ORAFTI, Mark Izzo, 610-889-9828, www.orafti.com

Fire Roasted

IQF, fire-roasted bell peppers for use in refrigerated salads, salsa, burritos, hummus, dressings and frozen entrées are now available in green, red and yellow bell pepper varieties. Fresh bell peppers are washed, cored, de-seeded then cut into dices, strips or julienne cuts. They are then either light or dark flame-roasted. The ingredients, with firm texture, roasted highlights and sweet smoky flavor notes, contribute both flavor and appearance to enhance a product's culinary appeal. Haliburton International Corp., Desiree Mettille-Schenkel, 800-877-980-4295, Desiree@Haliburton.net, www.haliburton.net