November 26/Anaheim, CA/Market Wire -- Naturade Inc. (announced that Milos Sarcev has joined Naturade as its chief science officer.

Sarcev, a former Mr. Universe and a noted nutritional expert, brings his vast knowledge of health and fitness to Naturade. He is involved in several other business ventures, including the Koloseum Gym ( and Koloseum Nutritional Sciences (

The company noted, "The addition of Milos Sarcev takes our in-house abilities in the health and fitness sectors to a whole new level. As a multiple time amateur and professional body building champion, including Mr. Universe, his abilities in the personal fitness arena are legendary. We all know that our customers want healthier bodies, and I can't think of a better way to demonstrate our commitment to excellence than to have Milos Sarcev as our point man for developing new products utilizing the latest in health and fitness research."

Naturade is a majority-owned subsidiary of Redux Holdings Inc. Redux Holdings also has a 30% equity ownership of Koloseum Nutritional Sciences.

From the December 3, 2007, Prepared Foods e-Flash