Unilever is now offering a quick, healthy alternative for time-starved parents with Ragu tomato sauce in pouch form. Parents of younger children and the kids, themselves, are the two main consumer targets.

To prepare, the sauce is heated in its microwavable Fresh and Simple pouch for 90 seconds and may be poured over pasta and other foods for immediate eating. The brand’s “clip it, pop it, pour it” tagline reinforces convenience as most important to the product’s design. Unlike the preparation of traditional jar sauces, no pans are dirtied when heating. Also impressive are Ragu’s ingredient claims including: all-natural, low-/no-/reduced-sugar and no additives/preservatives. Ragu’s sauce pouch is an anomaly. While many brands have gone from non-recyclable to recyclable packaging, Ragu has done the opposite, moving from a glass bottle to a non-recyclable plastic/foil pouch. However, because convenience is the focal point of this product, many consumers may be unconcerned that the packaging is not recyclable.