On the Street -- New Violet Shade in Chr. Hansen’s Color Palette

Made from purple carrot, a new anthocyanin color from Chr. Hansen offers beverage producers a vivid and stable violet color with increased shelflife. Chr. Hansen adds ColorFruit® Magenta 109 WS, which develops a natural and vivid violet shade in acidic pH. Fruit-flavored still drinks, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and whey drinks will all benefit from ColorFruit Magenta’s properties, and it can also be used in fruit preps and confectionery, according to the company. It comes in a user-friendly, liquid format that provides an increased stability towards light, heat treatment and ambient storage. ColorFruit Magenta is twice as stable as grape skin or blackcurrent extracts, notes Chr. Hansen's and will maintain an appealing violet/purple shade on a long term. It is also sulfur dioxide-, GMO- and allergen-free, is kosher and has no off-flavor (an important comparison to red cabbage). Chr. Hansen’s anthocyanin-based colors give the opportunity to replace synthetic colors in red, pink and violet shades and strengthen product images with “natural” claims.  

Chr. Hansen, 414-607-5770, www.chr-hansen.com  

From the April 13, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition