S’more and More
One of America’s favorite comfort snacks has been brought to a new level of taste. Virginia Dare’s Sweet Goods Team has created S’Mores in such tasty combinations as cappuccino-flavored coating with vanilla marshmallow;dulce de leche-flavored coating with green tea marshmallow; pomegranate-flavored coating with orange marshmallow; and more. Virginia Dare offers a full line of sweet goods flavors, including flavors for chocolate and compound coatings, and vanilla, tea, cocoa and coffee extracts. Virginia Dare, 410-569-9766, www.virginiadare.com

Wild About Flavor
One flavor company claims to have everything needed to create a great-tasting soup, sauce or marinade. Whether looking for that special flavor, or in need of a unique seasoning combination, WILD Flavors will take any product to the next level. Their proprietary taste modification technologies can enhance a flavor or help reduce the sodium content. SavorCrave™, a natural and label-friendly product, will create the fifth sense of umami, drawing out savory qualities. Reduce the amount of salt needed by up to 50% using SaltTrim®, without losing flavor. WILD will work to produce the right product to exceed customers’ flavor, texture and even health needs. WILD Flavors, 859-342-3600, www.wildflavors.com

That 70s Seed
A new chia seed has been added to an established line of quality ingredients. SK Food International introduces Identity Preserved Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO Chia Seed, offered in both black and white chia. According to the company, chia boasts health claims similar to flax seed. It is also high in protein, calcium and fiber, as well as gluten-free and trans fat free. Lacking much flavor, the seed may be easily incorporated into foods to increase health benefits, without affecting the overall taste. SK Food International Inc., 701-356-4106, www.skfood.com

Cooking up Ideas
At the click of a mouse, a new kitchen center was recently opened to product developers everywhere. Sargento’s Idea Center is a virtual creativity kitchen, where visitors can experience the width and breadth of Sargento Food Ingredients’ product portfolio in an interactive, hands-on way. Visitors are given the opportunity to build their own creations, using imagination and Sargento products. To visit the center, go to. Sargento Food Ingredients, 800-795-7090, www.sargentofoodingredients.com

Stevia’s Sweet Benefits
One product is now fully competitive with sugar for global brands with global volume. Rebaudioside A’s (Reb A) product development activity has been intense, according to Dorn Wenninger, corporate VP supply chain, with PureCircle. “At PureCircle, we have learned from other sweeteners that the key to a truly global success is to offer our sweetener--Reb A--an all-natural alternative to sugar with zero calories--at a fully competitive price at the earliest opportunity.” The company works with independent farmers in many countries to grow high-quality stevia leaf and works with local communities to maximize their socio-economic and environmental benefits. PureCircle, www.purecircle.com

Cheese Made Easy
An effective and economical way to improve the body, consistency and conversion characteristics of Cheddar, Colby and Jack cheeses is now available. CrystalBan™, from Nelson-Jameson Inc., is claimed to prevent calcium lactate crystal development. It also stops acid development in a controllable and consistent manner, throughout blocks and barrels of cheese, according to the company. The company says it increases the solubility of calcium and lactate in the cheese, preventing crystals from forming. Easily integrated into current salting belts, CrystalBan requires no major changes to cheese production systems. Nelson-Jameson Inc., 800-826-8302, www.nelsonjameson.com  

Palm’s Up
Palm oil is essentially rich in both the saturated palmitic (45%) and monounsaturated oleic acids (40%). According to theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, palm oil is regarded as palmitic-oleic-rich oil and not as solely palmitic acid-rich oil. This natural combination of palmitic acid and oleic acid makes palm oil a neutral fat in relation to cholesterol metabolism and regulation. American Palm Oil Council, 310-944-3910, www.americanpalmoil.com  

Applied Ingredient Science
Prepared Foodswill be holding its 2009 R&D Applications Seminar-Chicago on October 19-21, 2009, at the Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, Ill. For more information on speaking or attending, see www.PreparedFoods.com/rd .