On the Street -- Tate & Lyle’s Second Natural Starch

Tate & Lyle recently launched its X-PAND’R ® SC, the second natural starch offering in the company’s X-PAND’R line of starches. An unmodified, premium cold-water swelling starch, S-PAND’R SC is suitable for snack foods touting a natural, clean label. The natural starch aids in the development of cohesive, pliable and non-sticking dough that can be processed through conventional sheeters, extruders or stamping dies without the use of excessive heat or pressure. It is ideal for sheeted and formed, coated and extruded snacks. X-PAND’R SC provides snack and bakery products with a “layered” texture that balances crispiness and crunchiness. It offers higher product throughout by enabling dough formation that uses less moisture, without adversely affecting machinability. In coated snacks, it provides a light, crispy coating that adheres with ease to nuts and dried fruits on baked products. It also provides the texture and mouthfeel of fried foods, without the added calories of cooking oil. With extruded snacks, X-PAND’R provides lower process viscosity during extrusion and delivers a crispy texture. It is ideal in cold-forming or low temperature extrusion applications. Snack and bakery manufacturers who want more information about or samples of X-PAND’R SC can call 866-653-6622. Tate & Lyle, www.tateandlyle.com  

From the April 13, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition