This article was originally posted June 1, 2004. It was updated and reposted January, 2010.

JUNE 2004--Formulators are grateful for any help they can get. Studies have indicated the most useful ingredients are those that are reliable and consistent, in addition to being a good value.

Grande Bravo®, a line of high-quality, functional whey protein from Grande Custom Ingredients Group, helps food developers to make fillings creamier, savory meats juicier, sauces smoother and reduces the final formulation cost. The whey protein is natural, possess a clean flavor, contain no bleaches or additives, and is made from the company’s own all-natural, white Italian cheese process. Most importantly, the Grande Bravo line of products is consistent. “I can create a formula one day and six months later, I get the same outcome,” explains applied technology manager Jeff Banes, Grande Custom Ingredients Group (Lomira, Wis.).

A Bravo for Every Application

Many different products in the Grande Bravo functional whey protein line are used in different formulations to affect water retention, flavor and viscosity. Frozen foods that contain Bravo 300, 500 and 550 functional whey protein have greater freeze/thaw stability. Grande Bravo enhances the ability of battered or breaded appetizers to retain the cheese inside their coating when cooked. In baked goods, Grande Bravo can replace fats or be used to relax the dough.

Bravo 600, Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s newest addition to the product line, has a mild, milky flavor that contributes a very heavy, tacky and smooth texture that worksbest in replacing more expensive ingredients in cheesecakes, cheese sauces and Alfredo-type sauces.

Bravo 550 is best used to “bind water and increase the moisture yield in meats, whether it’s a hot dog or a whole muscle meat,” explains Banes. “Consumers perceive a product to be of a higher quality and more appealing if moisture is held within the product and not visible in the package.”

Dressings and dips that require the use of cream, butter and cheese can benefit from Bravo 500. The protein powder helps prevent syneresis, or water separation, and improves freeze/thaw stability. Additionally, the whey protein helps to replace the somewhat expensive sour cream or cream cheese used in dressings and dips, while maintaining the natural mouthfeel and body that they provide. In dry blends, Bravo 500 offers a flavor compatible to cheese and can bind a lot of moisture while creating a smooth and creamy heavy mouthfeel, explains Banes.

Bravo 300 replaces milk in applications such as soups, sauces and gravies, and gives a clean, milk-like flavor. It helps to improve cling and viscosity. “Our strongest success has been in sauces such as cheese sauce and Alfredo sauce, as well as in dips and spreads. The technical properties and the clean flavor of Grande Bravo products are compatible with so many food products,” explains Steve Dott, director of sales and marketing. “For example, if someone is buying cream for sauces or soups, the cream can be completely eliminated, or dramatically reduced, stabilizing monthly costs.”


The company’s technical department works on many in-house projects for customers. In one case, the scientists were charged with duplicating a cheese sauce and coming up with a less-expensive version. “The texture was difficult to match; the client wanted a heavy mouthfeel with a smooth and creamy body,” recalls Banes. “We ended up using a combination of Bravo whey proteins. We sometimes use two different proteins to get the specific properties the customer wants. Savings is a big concern for customers, and the flavor of the products is very impressive.”

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