On the Street -- New Natural Powdered Beef Broth is Simply Savory

International Dehydrated Foods Inc. (IDF™) brings richness and savory flavor notes to foods with all of its Beef Products, particularly its newest addition: Powdered Beef Broth #5432. This savory blend of beef extract and select flavorings has a beefy, meaty flavor.  Powdered Beef Broth #5432 fills a niche where pure “beef extract” is not necessary, but real “beef extract” is needed for labeling. In some instances, the Powdered Beef Broth can be used to replace or reduce the amount of expensive, hard-to-handle, beef extract.

IDF’s Beef Broth is much less expensive than pure beef extract, says the company, and it is easier to handle than beef extract paste. “The bottom line is that formulators can get all the flavor that they need from beef extract, using IDF’s Powdered Beef Broth, but without the extra expense and hassle,” explains George Tucker, technical sales representative with IDF. International Dehydrated Foods, 800-641-6509, www.idf.com

From the November 23, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition