Reducing Heart Risks with Functional Virgin Olive Oil

April 8/Pescara, Italy/Technology Business Journal -- According to recent research from Pescara, Italy, "Related with the concentrations of bioactive compounds in new functional virgin olive oil kinds (destoned or organic-destoned) are referred to in this research paper. We paid attention to their nutraceutical metabolome and noticeably to their concentration in biophenolics and vitaminic antioxidants (tocopherols, tocotrienols and beta-carotene) and to their sensory and hedonistic traits."

"There was evidence that the innovative destoning technique, owing to its soft action during olive processing, meaningfully affected the profile of the non-glyceryl-containing components and noticeably the levels of phytochemicals more related to human health and nutrition. We observed that the profile of the major lipidome (triacylglycerols and omega-9, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids) of the new natural produces did not differ significantly from that of the reference ones. But they were richer in biophenols (oleuropein and ligstroside aglycons, lignans, flavonoids, phenol acids and phenol alcohols) as well as in alpha- and gamma-tocopherol and alpha- and gamma-tocotrienol. Moreover, they stood out for their harmonic flavour and aroma, higher levels of green volatiles and more marked fragrance. They also had excellent hedonistic properties, higher stability/endurance to oxidation, and longer shelf-life. Their bionutritional traits were further enhanced when organic olives were submitted to destoning during processing," wrote A. Ranalli and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "They can thus contribute to reduce risks concerning several current human pathologies (including mainly cardiovascular diseases and cancer types)."

Ranalli and colleagues published their study in European Food Research and Technology ("Analytical Assessment of Destoned and Organic-destoned Extra-virgin Olive Oil." European Food Research and Technology, 2010;230(6):965-971).

For additional information, contact A. Ranalli, CRA Center Ric Olivicoltura & Ind Olearia Sede Sci C, Viale Petruzzi 75, I-65013 Pescara, Italy.

From the April 12, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition