GNPD has tracked notable activity in mood-enhancing products in recent years, such as beverages and gums launched in Asia and Europe. This mood enhancement is often achieved through aromatherapy, as fragrances and natural ingredients, such as lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus, can affect mood and feelings. Female customers are a strong consumer segment for aromatherapy products, as it is well-established in health and beauty markets. In Italy, Lindt has launched Cioccolato per l’Anima (Chocolate for The Soul) Aromatherapy Chocolate Pralines. Chocolate is not only particularly popular among female customers, but it also is a food with strong associations to emotions, presenting opportunities for mood-enhancing chocolate confectionery. The Aromatherapy Chocolate Pralines are made with natural fruit, flower and plant extracts, which play on mood and, also, have health benefits. The line contains a total of four varieties, including Happiness, Serenity, Passion and Tenderness.

In 2009, the Swedish National Food Administration created new food guidelines, which gave equal weight to climate and health in the form of carbon emissions calculations on food product packaging, just like nutrition information. This has spurred ideation around ways to further educate consumers on the impact food consumption has on the environment. The latest sustainability-based initiative to enter the consumer packaged goods industry is a practice called water footprint tracking, which indicates the amount of water used both directly and indirectly by consumers or producers. In Finland, Ravintoraisio has launched Elovena Oat Flakes, which come in a package that displays the product’s total water footprint per 100g of cereal. One of the first companies to include a water footprint indicator such as this, the flakes are processed with steam and do not require irrigation and artificial application of water to the soil.

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