Survey Shows Breakfast a Together Time

September 7/Minneapolis/Business Wire -- A recent Kix survey shows 79% of parents eat breakfast with their children, and the majority (96%) agree it is essential to pass along healthy habits and good nutrition. As parents shift back to routine, busier schedules leave many looking for simple solutions to meet the nutritional and developmental needs of their "big kids'" growing bodies. Data published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association shows frequent cereal eaters, including kids, tend to have healthier body weights, making cereal an important part of the busy morning ritual for many families.

The Kix survey highlights parents' discoveries and experiences as they search for simple and nutritional solutions for their families, including:
* Start the day on the right foot: As busy as today's parent is, it is no surprise many parents turn to cereal with milk (84%) to serve a quick and nutritious breakfast. Other popular choices include fruit (82%) and eggs (80%).
* Breakfast with a smile: Parents find simplicity and positive role modeling helpful in encouraging children to eat healthy breakfasts. Some 81% encourage healthy eating by giving children uncomplicated foods that are nutritious and taste good, while 79% eat breakfast with their children. Younger parents, ages 18-34, are most likely to eat breakfast with their children (85%).
* Savvy Secrets: Survey findings reveal two-thirds of parents (63%) admit to secretly adding healthy ingredients to their children's meals as a way to help even finicky eaters get the nutrients they need. Moms (70%) are more likely to add a secret ingredient than dads (55%).

"The choices parents make today influence their children tomorrow, so it is essential to start healthy habits early and find simple ways to meet kids' nutritional and developmental needs," said Carla Vernón, General Mills marketing director for Big G Cereals.

The Kix Survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corp. between March 25-29, 2010, using Random Digit Dialing of listed and unlisted numbers. The survey was fielded to 755 nationally representative Americans 18 years and older, and consisted of 338 men and 417 women.

From the September 20, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition