Snacking Survey Shows Healthy Need

November 18/Marketing Weekly News -- According to the results of a new national survey fielded by Impulse Research on behalf of Dole, more than 25% of women want healthier options when it comes to snacks that taste good and satisfy their sweet tooth. Additionally, the survey found that when women proactively sought healthier snacks, 41% would choose a snack under 100 calories, 36% a low-fat snack and 33% "whole grain anything."

The study, which aimed to uncover snacking habits of U.S. women, also revealed that nearly 60% of women do the right thing by reaching for fruit or dried fruit when choosing a healthier snack. After fruit, 43% prefer yogurt, and 31% reach for something with whole grains. However, nearly two out of five women (39%) still revert to grabbing candy when they feel like having something sweet.

"It's not surprising that so many women snack on candy bars when they crave something sweet," said director of nutrition Paulette Lambert, RD, CDE, of California Health & Longevity Institute. "One of the problems is that candy only temporarily satisfies you and overstimulates the taste buds, making you eventually want to eat more. Natural fruit does not have that same effect. When seeking healthier snack options, it's better to go with a snack, like fruit, that's sweet enough to satisfy yet not over stimulate."

From the November 29, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition