February 8/St. Louis/Stratum Nutrition Press Relase -- Stratum Nutrition's chitin-glucan fiber ingredient, Artinia(TM) has received self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status.  Following a comprehensive review of the safety, toxicology and proposed usage, an independent panel of experts reached a unanimous decision supporting the use of Artinia in a wide range of food and beverage products.

Per a company release, "GRAS designation will allow Artinia to expand further into the food and beverage industry. There are numerous food and beverage categories for which Artinia is approved for use including: beverage and beverage bases such as energy and sports drinks, fruit juices and meal replacement drinks; milk products such as smoothies, yogurt and yogurt drinks; and cereal and energy bars, breakfast cereals, pastas and other baked goods, among others.

Achieving GRAS approval is a major milestone and a testament to the rigorous and extensive scientific and technical information associated with ARTINIA," commented Joseph L. Evans, PhD manager, pharmacology, Stratum Nutrition.  The Allowable Daily Intake (ADI) for ARTINIA is up to 70mg/kg per day for food use and intake.

The release noted, "Artinia is a high-purity, natural, chitin-glucan fiber featuring the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers.  A 12-week animal and 30-day human pilot study have been completed, and each study demonstrates that ARTINIA provides substantial benefits for arterial and overall heart health, including a reduction in oxidized-LDL.  ARTINA supports healthy arteries and the body's natural antioxidant systems. In addition to GRAS designation, ARTINIA as chitin-glucan has received a positive opinion by the EU Commission as a novel food."

From NutraSolutions' Daily News
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