June 13/Chicago/The NPD Group -- The majority of American consumers -- and older folks in particular -- say they are not willing to pay more for menu items that are good for them.

In general, consumers in the older demographic are more interested in healthful foods. However, it is this “mature” bunch that also happens to be the least likely to pay a premium for healthy food items.

In a new report from marketing research firm NPD Group, 70% of Americans ages 50 and up say they are not willing to pay more for healthy foods, while 25% said they would cough up “somewhat more.” Just 5% were game to pay significantly more.

Younger consumers (ages 18-24), on the other hand, are most likely to spend extra for healthier items: 15% are up for paying a lot more, while only 44% said they wouldn’t pay even a little more for healthful foods.


From the June 14, 2011,Prepared Foods' Daily News.