Roquette America held the grand opening of its Customer Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art facility in Geneva, Illinois, last September. With a culinary demonstration kitchen, application and analytical laboratories, and an auditorium for Roquette® University courses, the building was designed and built for customers, but Roquette’s other great investment—its employees—truly bring it to life. They blend imagination and creativity with determination and expertise to bring customer ideas to life.

" We cultivate a science-driven, solutions-first atomsphere"

This imagination and creativity are part of a larger worldview, a culture of innovation and thought leadership at Roquette, best embodied by the phrase “Science People.” Roquette’s Science People are forward thinkers committed to making the world our children and grandchildren inherit better than it is today. They are leaders in green chemistry, innovating and developing with renewable, plant-based resources to make better, healthier lives possible for consumers around the globe.

Roquette’s Science People are also passionate about pushing boundaries in product development to create breakthrough, quick-to-market applications for partners. With sustainable, plant-based ingredients and unique, advanced facilities, the Science People at Roquette develop solutions for companies of any size, enabling business partners to excel in their respective product categories: human nutrition, animal nutrition, pharma, and biochemical.

“We cultivate a science-driven, solutions-first atmosphere to draw the most creative, professional personnel to Roquette,” says Dominique Taret, Roquette America president and CEO. “Science People possess an internal creative driver that sees possibilities not just at work but also in the world around them. And they turn these possibilities into reality for our business partners’ success.”

As part of its strategy of partnership, the company offers Roquette® University, a complimentary course for the food ingredient industry that meets monthly to offer lectures and product demonstrations on vital topics. For example, Roquette University is offering September’s course, “Nutritional and Functional Ingredients in Pet Food,” and October’s course, “Developments in Green Chemistry.” Roquette® University provides a mix of industry experts and Roquette experts to drive market-based solutions. These solutions focus on sustainable biochemistry and Roquette ingredients that create more nutritious, functional product profiles and clean labels for today’s consumer.

Roquette’s Science People develop, for instance, refreshing nutritional beverages and supplements with Nutriose®, a prebiotic soluble fiber. Solutions for allergen-free products begin in the Innovation Center with Nutralys® pea protein, a non-allergenic, all-natural protein source for delectable baked goods, snacks, and other applications. And SweetPearl™ maltitol helps create delicious reduced-sugar chocolate, confectionery, and baked goods.

Says Taret, “These ideas represent a fraction of the innovation inside the minds of the Science People here at Roquette. We invite you to explore—and develop—the future of food science alongside us.” FFI

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