December 20/Lund, Sweden/Business Wire -- Probi has signed a research and development agreement with the German company Symrise. In response to a growing consumer interest, the companies have decided to jointly develop innovative probiotic products with documented health benefits. The cooperation will initially focus on oral health.

Probi is a pioneer in research, development and manufacturing of probiotics. Probi’s probiotics are included in some of the most effective products for gut and immune health currently available on the global market. Expanding into new areas such as oral health will offer additional growth potential for the company.

Symrise has considerable expertise in research, development and manufacture of foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and sees major potential in the health benefits of probiotics. The company also holds a globally leading position in the area of oral care.

The companies will collaborate to identify and examine various probiotic strains for use in oral health. Symrise has the capacity to screen and evaluate effects of active substances, which has made it possible to build a portfolio of active ingredients in cosmetics, nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

“The high level of expertise that Symrise possesses in sensory science, active ingredients and applications, combined with Probi’s expertise in probiotics, will provide us with the potential to jointly develop completely new and well-flavoured consumer products with distinct health benefits,” says Michael Oredsson, CEO of Probi AB.

“This partnership is a logical result of the growing demand for consumer products with documented health benefits. Our complementary expertise and strategic agendas in innovation will allow us to better support our customers in their development and marketing,” says Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, president of Symrise AG.