Probiotics have a beneficial effect on digestive health, but, as living microorganisms, their survivability is a key factor to consider when formulating dietary supplements or functional foods. To address this, formulators implement a key strategy: making sure an over-abundance of the microorganisms are alive at the time of manufacture, because many will die while the product sits on the shelf or undergoes further processing; this will result in an estimated average of the amount of viable, living microorganisms remaining by the time of consumption. Following consumption, these organisms face an additional threat (gastric acids and the process of ingestion), before they are able to reach the large and small intestines.

P.L.Thomas has introduced GanedenBC30™, proprietary probiotic bacteria that address the survivability problem in a new way. GanedenBC30 is comprised of spore-forming bacteria, specificallyBacillus coagulans, which survive in a similar manner as would a seed. For example, many seeds have a protective outer shell and the capability to just wait for the proper environmental conditions to exist in order to start growing. When used as a raw material,Bacillus coagulansis in the spore life-stage--a living form in which the bacteria is surrounded by a protective shield. Amid the right temperature and moisture (such as can be found in the small and large intestines), they begin to germinate, grow and colonize.

BifidobacteriumandLactobacillusdo not contain GanedenBC30’s protective outer shell, making them more susceptible to mortality, not only during consumption, but also during food and supplement processing. P.L.Thomas has conducted tests on the survivability of its proprietary probiotic bacteria and, from this, has determined they are suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as hot tea, baked muffins, HTST dairy processing, HTST dairy processing with homogenization, hot mixed granola bars and extrusion.

Other research on GanedenBC30 has found it to be lactic acid-forming bacteria. These are key components of fermented dairy products and have been found to be beneficial to health. Lactic acid-forming bacteria comprise a key element to the healthy intestinal flora, one important contribution being the production of antibiotic-like bacteriocins1,2. According to Rodger Jonas, business development manager at P.L. Thomas, “GanedenBC30 also produces only the L+ lactic acid isomer in high yield, which makes it a choice probiotic isolate in terms of lactic acid production. Survivability teamed with its L+ lactic acid production make GanedenBC30 the choice probiotic for truly functional foods and supplements.”  pf
--Kerry Hughes, Contributing Editor

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