Crumbs Bake Shop, a specialty retail chain, plans to launch new products to the mass market, including a new cookie line and chocolate bar among other confectionary items. Under the direction of Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur and host of CNBC's reality series The Profit, Crumbs will be partnering with companies across the United States to bring new and confectionary treats to consumers nationwide. While these new products will be sold at Crumbs locations, they will also available through mass grocers and convenience stores as well as available for purchase online at 


"I think there is tremendous opportunity to expand the Crumbs offering, build on the company's growth strategy and to leverage the collaborations between Crumbs and other companies in my portfolio," said Lemonis. "As we look to take the Crumbs brand back to its origin of being a bake shop, and not a cupcake store, customers can expect to see products such as ice cream, cookies, candy, coffee and other tasty treats."

Crumbs will begin product test marketing of multiple fresh products in several markets across the United States over the new few months. These new products will be branded and approved by Crumbs, and sold fresh to local grocery store bakeries. The new products will not only be comprised of typical sweet treats but also regional and seasonal favorites including the already popular Crumbnut, a doughnut-croissant hybrid, and the new Baissant, which is a combination of the bagel and croissant.