FenuLife®, a new health ingredient from Acatris Inc., was shown to reduce blood sugar levels in both non-diabetic and Type-II diabetic subjects. FenuLife contains the highest concentration of fenugreek galactomannan, which can balance sugar absorption and help individuals avoid large spikes in blood sugar levels following meals.

A group of 10 non-diabetic subjects consumed a 50g glucose solution enriched with a variety of fibers, including FenuLife. A reduction in blood sugar levels was reported at all dosages, however, most significantly with the highest dose of FenuLife, thus establishing a clear dose-response effect

In a second study, researchers studied the effect of different doses of FenuLife on Type-II diabetic patients. FenuLife reduced fasting blood sugar levels in subjects with light to moderate diabetes. In subjects with severe diabetes, FenuLife created a complementary effect on the reduction of fasting blood sugar levels along with the use of conventional diabetic drugs. Acatris Inc., www.acatris.com.