Pure Approval

A new dietary supplement line is now available in Europe. Algatechnologies, Israel, has been given a green light to market the AstaPure®, natural astaxanthin line in the European market. The U.K. Foods Standards Agency (FSA) approved the product under European novel foods legislation, as it was found to be substantially equivalent to other natural astaxanthin products already on the market. This new approval confirms the integrity and quality of the ingredients Algatechnologies supplies to the dietary supplement and cosmeceuticals industries with the highest standards of purity, quality and product safety. Alga technologies Ltd., +972-8-6356425, www.algatech.com

Cooperative Companies

Two global leaders in the manufacture of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) announced the USDA’s issue of a “no questions letter” to their CLA lines. Cognis’ Tonalin® CLA has received GRAS status and can be safely used in an expanded range of functional foods and beverages. Cognis offers the food industry one of the most extensive lines of CLA, a naturally sourced, non-stimulant ingredient clinically proven to safely reduce body fat and improve body composition. The ingredient has been thoroughly evaluated in several functional food applications, especially in the dairy segment. Potential for the success of Tonalin in food products was also demonstrated in recent research on its effects in a skimmed milk product, with a significant reduction of body fat mass in overweight subjects, indicating that CLA can be as beneficial in a functional food matrix as it is as a supplement. Another company, Lipid Nutrition, submitted its CLA product at the same time.

Lipid Nutrition’s Clarinol™ CLA is now GRAS-approved. The company received a “no objection letter” to its GRAS petition, which was submitted voluntarily to the FDA in coordination with Cognis. The petition determined that Clarinol CLA can safely be used in fluid and flavored milks, yogurts, milk-based meal replacements and bars, soy milk and fruit juice applications. Food companies are now in the remarkable position of being able to add this ingredient to their products and make unique and marketable claims around reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle, based on a body of clinical science that spans over 20 years. Cognis, 800-673-3702,or, Lipid Nutrition, +31 75 629 2461, www.lipidnutrition.com or www.clarinol.com

Sweet Blues

A Southern California ingredient manufacturer has announced it will receive GRAS self-affirmation by August 2008 for itsRebaudioside A99%, an isolated compound from the Stevia plant.  Blue California started production of this purified ingredient in December 2007 and offers the highest purityRebaudioside Ain the market. The ingredient is a non-caloric compound derived from Stevia that is 400 times sweeter than sugar. Rebaudioside Aand other Stevia products are authorized for general food uses in Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, but not in Hong Kong, the U.S., U.K. or E.U. It is approved as a dietary supplement in the U.S., China and certain countries in Western Europe. Blue California, 949-635-1990, www.bluecal-ingredients.com

Remember This

A newly published study has yielded promising new results in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other memory loss diseases. Research conducted during a Mount Sinai/UCLA study shows a very strong relationship between experimental MegaNatural®-AZ grape seed extract and increased brain function and reduced memory loss. The study found that MegaNatural-AZ significantly reduced the formation of a more complex form of molecule, known as amyloid, in the brains of mice that had been genetically modified to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Complex amyloid build-up can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, as well as memory impairment associated with dementia. Results of the study were published in theJournal of Neuroscience. It was completed in collaboration with the Polyphenolics division of Constellation Brands, Department of Veteran Affairs, Japan Human Science Foundation, NIH, NCCAM and Alzheimer’s Association. For more information about the benefits of grape seed extract, visit www.polyphenolics.com .

Pomegranate Health Promise

A standardized pomegranate extract was found to be an activator of the heart-health influencing enzyme Paraoxonase 1 (PON1), according to the results of a recent study. VitaGranate®, from FutureCeuticals Inc., showed results in an ex vivo study to the effect that the extract stimulated PON1 in human serum by as much as 47%. Ex vivo human sera results such as these are of interest, due to their high potential for potencyin vivohuman physiology. Research has identified the importance of the enzyme PON1 in lipid metabolism and in the prevention of the onset of various chronic diseases. Recent science has suggested that increases in PON1 activity may aid in the prevention of macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and in promoting overall longevity and health. VitaGranate Pomegranate Extract is available exclusively from FutureCeuticals Inc., is made with premium quality pomegranate and is standardized to ellagic acid and punicaligins. FutureCeuticals Inc., 888-452-6853, ext.29, www.futureceuticals.com

Agave Awareness

Consumers are increasingly demanding products with added fiber, due to the large fiber gap that exists in the modern daily diet. The Institute of Medicine recommends between 28-35g of fiber per day, yet most consumers only eat about 14-15g per day. BioAgave™ agave active fiber, from GTC Nutrition, is a naturally-occurring, plant-derived fiber source of inulin that provides unique functional benefits to food and beverage applications. BioAgave features a branched structure and high degree of polymerization (DP). As a result, it offers superior functionalities and stability, particularly in liquid form. Derived from the Blue Weber agave plant in Mexico, BioAgave contains 90% inulin. Technical advantages include a clean flavor profile, high solubility, mouthfeel without viscosity, and it is an excellent bulking agent. GTC Nutrition, 303-468-5077, www.gtcnutrition.com

Site with Savvy

A world-leading, renewable food and industrial ingredients company announces the launch of a new website. Tate & Lyle’s new site provides food and beverage processors with information on their award-winning PROMITOR™ dietary fibers, and it includes videos and podcasts from a number of Tate & Lyle scientists and health professionals on a wide range of topics. The site also includes detailed technical information for both PROMITOR Soluble Corn Fiber (known as Soluble Gluco Fibre in Europe) and PROMITOR Resistant Starch; lists of ready-made prototypes available from Tate & Lyle; comprehensive information on suitable product applications; and a sample request facility. Tate & Lyle, 866-653-6622, www.tateandlyle.com

Phosphate Frenzy

A new brochure is an excellent source of information on everything phosphate. Within the pages of the newInnophos Properties and Applicationsbrochure is a complete list of Innophos’ specialty products designed for food, nutritional supplements and other industrial applications. Each section includes specific information about the markets served and each product’s properties. A handy specification guide makes it easy to compare and select the right product for formulation. As an innovator, Innophos offers technical assistance to customers. Visitor contact an Innophos representative to request a copy of this new Innophos brochure. Innophos Inc., 609-485-2495, www.innophos.com

Boning Up on Bone Health

A major public health concern is post-menopausal bone loss, caused by an increased rate of bone turnover. A new study released by the University of Connecticut suggests that a tartrate supplementation can slow down bone loss and improve bone microstructural properties by decreasing bone turnover in aged, overiectomized rats. The study was supported by Lonza, utilizing its Carnipure™ tartrate, which is a very stable form ofL-carnitine. The findings, which were published in the June 2008 issue ofPhytomedicine, indicate that Carnipure tartrate supplementation can suppress the rate of bone turnover, making it useful for post-menopausal women. Lonza Inc., 800-777-1875, www.lonza.com