October 2011/NutraSolutions -- MGP Ingredients Inc. has published a new, comprehensive booklet detailing recent clinical studies on the physiological benefits, as well as functional qualities, of Fibersym® RW, the company’s unique, resistant wheat starch, in bakery and other flour-based food formulations. Fibersym RW, a RS4 resistant wheat starch, is a convenient and rich source of invisible dietary fiber that can be formulated with minimal processing adjustments in a wide array of finished products, including white and whole-grain bread products; high-protein, high-fiber bread products; pasta and noodles; and extruded cereals. Fibersym RW delivers the highest level of total dietary fiber, at a minimum total dietary fiber of 85% calculated on a dry basis, vs. other resistant starches, per the company. It possesses clean flavor, smooth texture and white appearance. MGP Ingredients Inc.,www.mgpingredients.comNS