Antioxidants for Health
December 2011/NutraSolutions -- The benefits of antioxidants are vast; so, too, are the health claims being used around the globe associated with antioxidants--claims ranging all the way from heart health to skin health. The antioxidants phenomenon may be finally beginning to peak, however, with only a 7% increase in product launches tracked by Innova Market Insights from 2009-2010 with an antioxidant positioning; this is a significant difference, compared to the 60% increase recorded from 2008-2009. Global product launch activity for 2010 with antioxidant claims tracked by Innova Market Insights was dominated by the beverage market. The leading categories were tea (22.6%), juice & juice drinks (16.3%) and iced tea (7.8%)*. The most popular food categories with antioxidant claims were cereal & energy bars (5.4%) and breakfast cereals (4.4%)*. From an ingredients perspective, the most-used ingredients associated with an antioxidant claim were vitamins C, E and A, green tea catechins, zinc, pomegranate, acai, rooibos, tocopherol and goji berry.
* Percentage of all products carrying an antioxidant claim.
-- Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights,,   



 Super Powder

Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) and Artemis International, a specialty provider of nutraceutical ingredients, recently showcased cranberry powders. Ocean Spray ITG provides a range of cranberry ingredients for nutraceutical, beverage, dairy, bakery, snacking and confectionery applications. Produced from superior-grade cranberries, its cranberry powders lend fruit appeal to confections and dry-mix beverages, while delivering the health benefits associated with the cranberry to dietary supplements and offering a superior replacement for artificial colors and flavors. Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group,  

 Chia for Health
Chia seeds deliver the highest levels of total omega-3 fatty acids, by weight, of any common foods. Moreover, they are a complete vegan source of protein; have more fiber than common grains; no gluten or cholesterol; and they contain a comprehensive range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids. BI Nutraceuticals recently developed a brownie made with chia seeds; the brownies are said to have great taste, consistency and mouthfeel, without a seed-like texture. They also contain more than 50% less fat than traditional brownies, with 250mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. BI Nutraceuticals,

 Highly Bioavailable Curcumin
Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory, -arthritic, -allergic, -bacterial and even anti-tumor activities. The main mode of action is via free-radical scavenging. However, due to its poor uptake efficiency, it has been difficult to translate the physiological activities of curcumin into clear clinical benefits. CAVAMAX®W8 curcumin, by Wacker, is a highly bioavailable curcumin powder. CAVAMAX W8 comes as a dry, free-flowing powder and is well-suited for use in dry or powdery dietary supplement products, or for use in beverages.  Wacker Chemical Corp., 517-264-8671, NS