BENEO says its slow-release carbohydrate Palatinose (isomaltulose) is the power behind Nth Degree Low GI, a new low-glycemic index performance beverage created for endurance, performance and energy. Made from sugar beets, Palatinose is a healthy, low-glycemic, functional carbohydrate that is fully digestible and provides a prolonged energy supply in the form of glucose. BENEO describes Palatinose as “the next generation sugar” because of its unique vital function, offering key features and benefits. Digested fully yet slowly, it supplies the body with the full energy of carbohydrates over a longer period of time. It generates a much lower effect on already normal blood glucose levels compared to higher-glycemic index sweeteners, the company says. It also promotes the body’s own fat oxidation (fat burning) during physical activity, as well as during rest, according to studies at the University of Freiburg, Rehabilitative and Preventive Sports Medicine. – BENEO,