AgainstTheGrain225.jpgAgainst The Grain announced the launch of its first nationally-available Lebanese-style Gluten-free Pita Bread.

"Our new pita bread is the first gluten-free product based on light buckwheat flour, which is still grain-free, but the most wheat-like flour I've encountered," said Nancy Cain, a co-owner of the company and the person behind the company's innovative recipes and techniques. "Light buckwheat has a fine texture and is flavor-neutral, high in complex carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, protein, and fiber, with twice the amount of B vitamins as wheat flour."

The company's new pita bread is lightly leavened with yeast and can be used for wrapping, stuffing, topping, grilling, and baking into both sweet and savory creations like dessert nachos and grilled flatbread sandwiches.

The gluten-free trend is as strong as ever: "It is very empowering to change your relationship to food," says Cain. "People are reading labels. They are conscious of what they are eating. They are experimenting with their diet rather than relying on pharmaceuticals." Against The Grain is known for its appeal to mainstream consumers as well as those with dietary restrictions. They are also known for their "against the grain" business practices that include paying starting salaries nearly twice that of the minimum wage, offering paid health care, liberal paid time off, and 401(K) matching program. "Although we source the highest quality ingredients, it is our staff that is really the finest ingredient," says Cain "and you can taste the difference in our products."