Angelic Bakehouse announced a new bread after conducting an extensive yearlong product innovation program, which consisted of qualitative and quantitative consumer research, more than 10 new bread variations, a packaging redesign and consumer testing panels in two cities.

The consumer research found 64% of hyper-premium bread buyers think taste is a top purchase consideration, followed by ingredient claims (56%) and health claims (52%). As a result, Angelic Bakehouse updated its entire bread collection Whole Grain, Raisin Wheat, Whole Grain Rye, Wheat, Reduced Sodium Bread and No Added Salt Bread to have a stronger taste appeal, more nutrition and a larger bread slice.

The new bread contains whole grains (18g per serving), higher protein (5g per serving) and fiber content (3g per serving), but with a naturally sweeter taste and a more moist texture due to Angelic Bakehouse’s proprietary sprouting process. Its bread is also vegan, allergen-friendly (including dairy, soy, nuts and sesame) and made with clean, non-GMO ingredients.