flipflop wines now offers its award-winning wine in portable, convenient cans. The lineup of sleek 250 mL flipflop cans will feature four wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and two new offerings, Fizzy Sangria and Fizzy Crisp White, both of which have a slight effervescence and are exclusively available in cans. 


The debut of flipflop cans offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy wine almost anywhere, without apprehension or stuffiness. The flipflop team researched ways that wine could be effectively canned and once a final can design was chosen, it was put through comprehensive testing. Tasting panels also performed side-by-side samplings of wine from flipflop cans and traditional glass bottles to ensure the cans deliver a high-quality drinking experience. Each flipflop can contains the equivalent of two (4.2 oz.) glasses of wine, the noted serving size for the more than 50 percent of drinkers who noted in a recent survey* that they consume approximately two glasses of wine per sitting.

"Not long ago people might have scoffed at the idea of high-quality wine in a can, but we've always believed that wine should be approachable and easy to enjoy," said flipflop winemaker James Foster. "We make flippin' good wine, and we're especially excited for drinkers to try our two new offerings, Fizzy Sangria and Fizzy Crisp White, whose refreshing effervescence really comes through after popping open a cold can. We're also proud to be the only wine brand to offer a fizzy sangria in a can."

"The biggest benefit of flipflop cans is the fact that they can go places where glass bottles can't," said Foster. "But in addition to their superior portability, the cans are also a great container for wine. flipflop cans are easy to open, chill quickly and hold temperature extremely well, so they can stay cool and crisp even when consumed during the warm summer months."

flipflop cans come in 4-packs of 250 mL cans, for a suggested retail price of $11.99 and are currently available nationwide.