Suji’s Korean Cuisine makes its Summer Fancy Foods debut in New York City this June. The new brand puts the whole Korean table within reach with ready-to-heat dishes such as Savory Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Mixed Rice Bowl Bibimbap and authentic Korean Sauces.

“The demand for authentic Korean Cuisine is skyrocketing,” says Founder Suji Park. “Suji’s Korean Cuisine are full of authentic flavor, all-natural and easy to prepare at home. It’s the perfect compliment to both traditional and fusion recipes.”

Suji’s Savory Beef Bulgogi can turn an ordinary night into an incredible Korean Taco Tuesday.

Traditional Korean lettuce wraps or “Ssam” made with Suji’s Spicy Pork Bulgogi are fun, low-carb and gluten free and a traditional Korean dish that takes minutes to enjoy at home. Indeed, Suji’s Korean Cuisine empowers home chefs to easily spice up dinner with Korean flavor and creativity. With a clean label of all-natural ingredients, Suji’s Korean Cuisine also offers the healthy, gluten-free and fresh products that consumers today prefer.

This 2015 launch includes the following Korean specialties to be sold throughout various sections in the stores:

• Savory Beef Bulgogi (Refrigerated)
• Spicy Pork Bulgogi (Refrigerated)
• Beef Bibimbap Rice Bowl (Refrigerated)
• Kimchi & Pork Bulgogi Rice Bowl (Refrigerated)
• Pork Dumplings (Frozen)
• Beef Dumplings (Frozen)
• Korean Savory Sauce (Shelf Stable)
• Korean Spicy Sauce (Shelf Stable)
• Savory Bibimbap Sauce (Shelf Stable)
• Spicy Bibimbap Sauce (Shelf Stable)